Agile Scrum Training


Agile Scrum online course overview:

Through our Agile Scrum course at QA Testing Trainings, we introduce the powerful project
management methodology for our learners. Agile and Scrum are the two most commonly adopted
methodologies that have been globally recognized.

This course is meant to validate your knowledge in Agile methodology and Scrum practices. Our Agile
Scrum training will essentially help you prepare you for higher-level management roles. Through this
course, our learners can become scrum-qualified that in turn helps you deliver high-quality products
within set deadlines.

Where Agile is a methodology that focuses on an incremental approach in iterations, Scrum practice
enables collaboration, planning, and implementation.

Our Agile Scrum certification from QA Testing Trainings can essentially develop your skills in delivering
products at different stages, improve collaborations, and bring flexibility in the projects in such a way
that any changes implemented positively affect the project quality, cost, and timing.

What will you learn during the Agile Scrum Training course?

  • Introduction to Agile methodology and contrast it with other traditional project management approaches.
  • Acquire knowledge of Agile Manifesto history.
  • Understand the 4 Agile values and their applications
  • Understand the 12 Agile principles and their applications
  • Acquire knowledge in creating user stories user story format.
  • Understanding the difference between Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF)
  • Gain knowledge in understanding the 3Cs of a user story
  • Understand the user story life cycle
  • Understand different Agile variants Gain an understanding of Product versus Project angl Understand and implement project lifecycle for Agile product development
  • Comprehend the roles of Scrum and other practices in Agile Setup.
  • Identify and understand Scrum Artifacts
  • Learning to run different Scrum ceremonies
  • Learn and apply different Agile estimation techniques
  • Understand the differences between Agile and other traditional planning
  • Learn how to break the story into tasks
  • Comprehend and create information Radiators.
  • Learn how to calculate Agile metrics
  • Learn different tools in the Agile development environment

Who is eligible for Agile Scrum Training?

The Agile Scrum online training is ideal for those in the individual contributor roles like developers,
architects, those in management side like project managers, scrum masters, product owner, business
analysts, senior managers, and anyone who are proficient in any kind of software development

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in Agile Scrum Training?

The course is ideal for Scrum Masters, Agile enthusiasts who are responsible for a full roll-out of Agile
and Scrum in a project.

What makes Agile Scrum training at QA Testing Trainings different?

Consistency: We offer a consistent approach to deliver the Scrum training that is perfectly aligned
Scrum so that all the learners get the same message.

Global presence: We offer training to trainees across the world.
Quality: We have scrum expert trainers onboard who have industry experience so that they bring their
expertise to train our learners to help them understand how to deal with the situations in the real-

Experienced faculty: Our professional Scrum trainers bring to the table the real-time Scrum practices.
Innovative: All the Scrum training is handled in an innovative manner by offering the best training

Certification: Our Agile Scrum certification program is globally recognized.


  1. How does virtual live classroom training work for this course?
    Scrum online training at QA Testing Trainings is conducted in a virtual classroom where the trainer and
    the learners connect through the meeting link at the same time. Our Scrum certified trainers have more
    than 5 years of work experience in the domain. The classes are attended by a diverse group of a global
    audience which can prove to be an enriching experience for all our learners.
  2. What kind of certification will I receive after completing the course?
    All our learners will get a course completion certificate in Agile training from QA Testing Trainings.
  3. Can I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund back?
    Yes, you may cancel the enrollment if there is a valid reason. You will get a refund based on our Refund
    Policy. Refer to our refund policy for the exact details.
  4. What to do if I have questions related to the course?

We have a 24 * 7 dedicated support team. However, in case, of course-related queries, we can arrange
for a one on one with the trainers.

  1. What can I do after Agile Scrum certification training?
    You can apply the Agile Scrum practices at work to deliver faster release cycles, better quality, and
    better teamwork and develop better adaptability in different circumstances. Furthermore, you can
    move ahead to gain Certified Scrum Master certification, or Certified Scrum Product owner titles.