Artificial Intelligence Training


Artificial Intelligence Program Overview:

Our Artificial intelligence (AI) program at QA Testing Trainings is a comprehensive program that offers a
blend of all the essential concepts required to carry out AI models. Our curriculum covers the basics of
statistics, Python programming knowledge, Machine Learning concepts, Deep Learning networks, NLP,
and reinforcement learning techniques.

Our learners during the program will learn to build and implement deep learning models on the cloud
and other GPU-enabled labs.

AI Program Details

As a part of our AI online program at QA Testing Trainings, our learners will learn to work on a wide
range of AI-based technologies such as Machine Learning, Supervised learning, unsupervised learning,
Deep learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition, and reinforcement learning

What is Artificial Intelligence and what makes it so essential?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important and fastest-growing branches of computer science
which helps the machines perform human functions with the help of previously acquired human

Currently, AI is used to perform a wide range of activities such as face recognition, speech recognition,
language processing, etc.

Machine Learning is an integral part of AI which deals with teaching the machines to perform human-
like functions using supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning techniques.
Machine Learning technology uses various algorithms such as Naïve-Bayes, KNN, Random Forest,

Decision Trees, etc which are used to implement supervised learning. Here, they use massive, clearly-
defined data sets to train the program. Then a test set is taken to build predictive and regression

Then, Deep Learning technology uses artificial neural networks that are built in the same pattern as the
human brain. Training these networks do not need structured data nor too much of human guidance.
However, with the deep learning concepts, the programs can learn by themselves with a little help from
the unstructured datasets.

Artificial Intelligence technology is the closest yet to the human brain at its ability to perform complex
functions. Despite that, AI is still in its nascent stage but is growing in leaps and bounds trying to catch
up with human intelligence.

What kind of careers can you pursue with an Artificial Intelligence Background?

We are affected by the AI more than one might imagine. The AI applications are catching up and
spreading in our day to day lives even though we are oblivious to it.
This rapid growth of AI applications is resulting in the increasing demand for AI professionals across

Data Scientists, of late, relying on machine learning, deep learning, techniques on both structured and
unstructured data to be able to produce outstanding reports for driving business profits.
Technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) are required to build chatbot applications, personal
assistants like Alexa, etc.

The advanced AI skills can help the professionals build complex goals such as self-driven cars,
autonomous robots, etc.

Additionally, for Business Analysts, familiarity with machine learning concepts can help them understand
the market performance, various movements in the market, etc. These can essentially help them
implement changes and drive business growth more effectively.

Healthcare professionals like doctors are harnessing AI to assist them in diagnosing terminal illnesses
like cancer and treating them with great efficiency.

Creative art professionals like artists and musicians use various AI tools to generate images and create
soulful music in innovative ways.

Who are eligible to pursue Artificial Intelligence Program?

We recommend the following prerequisites for enrolling in the course

  • 2+ years of work experience
  • A minimum of bachelor’s degree with an average of 50% marks or higher
  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Mathematics/Statistics knowledge

Why choose QA Testing Trainings?

  • Expert trainers with industry-based experience and working knowledge of all the concepts
  • Cloud-test lab
  • Access to recorded videos for life
  • 24*7 support
  • Resume preparation help
  • Mock interviews
  • Mentorship
  • 100% job placement assistance


  1. What are AI and machine learning?
    As already discussed in the earlier sections, AI is a study that is related to make the
    machines/applications perform human-like functions such as, decision making, speech recognition,
    image recognition, etc. AI and its related fields are in high demand for the value it provides to the
    humankind. It essentially makes the human tasks seem less complex.
  2. Do QA Testing Trainings provide any financial aid?
    We provide referral discounts and group discounts. Additionally, we also provide holiday discounts on
    federal holidays. However, we do not provide any financial aid as such.
  3. What certificate will I receive after the course completion?
    On successful completion of the course, you will receive a course completion certificate from QA Testing