Are you a fresher or non-IT professional and want to change your career into IT? Selenium training course is the perfect match to drive yourself into the IT field. Nowadays, to be a good tester is not enough in the field of testing where it has shown significant growth over the last few years. Companies require the testers who have mastery over tools and techniques. The online selenium training course helps you to master the tools and techniques that should help the organization to save valuable resources and do the same work with much less time and effort.

 The popularity of selenium has been increasing because this tool has shown a promising result. Besides, there are some reasons to learn selenium where these automation testing tools will help you to get lucrative salary packages, impressive-looking resumes and bam!

To escalate your growth in the field of automation testing here have listed some best selenium online training and courses. Exhaustive resources provided here to learn selenium and master over it.

Learning selenium:

Learning selenium helps the newbies to know its basics and cover its installation, basic use cases. To run tests against a remote server you would be setting up the test-writing framework, WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. The best selenium course online helps you to practice and understand the test pyramid paradigm to balance unit, integration, and UI testing.

The primary concepts include:

  • Adding structure to your tests
  • Configuring nodes
  • Using the API
  • Benefits of grid
  • Page object pattern
  • Test suite organization

Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C#

If you are looking to get your career started in automation testing, then enroll in the Selenium training in usa. These courses are full of real-world concepts so that you can use your time wisely by learning this course. It helps to transform your career into a QA engineer and in some other posts.

In the selenium testing course a few things you can learn.

  • Parallel test execution with NUnit
  • Best practices of automation testing
  • Creation of log files and debugging
  • Page Object Pattern
  • Creating HTML reports
  • C# for software automation engineers

Selenium WebDriver with Java:

To learn this course you don’t need to have a pre-knowledge of Java. However, when working with selenium it teaches you whatever portion of java is required. This course starts every topic from scratch and after going through the basics of Java you would be working with framework design, selenium WebDriver and advanced Selenium etc.

Selenium online course key features are:

  • 100+ real-time selenium projects
  • Full-blown knowledge of HTML reports, Maven, TestNG, Grid parallel testing, Excel API etc.
  • Designing DataDriven, PageObject and Hybrid Automation Frameworks from scratch
  • Optimizing automation test cases
  • Verification of data integrity
  • Automation guidelines and code quality standards

Robot framework test automation:

This course is best for the persons who are already working in software testing and working on how to create manual tests. This course helps you to automate the most regressive test cases on the robot framework.

  • The things you learn in this course:
  • Using the page object pattern
  • To create user-defined keywords to express your tests
  • Creating your scripts
  • Use of variable to centralize data
  • Semantic sugar
  • The basics of a robust framework to create and run a test automation script

Selenium with python:

This course helps you to implement selenium Webdriver automation with Python programming from scratch. In this course, you can understand about manual testing and processes. This course helps you to understand the best automation practices and write divers’ automation test cases using selenium.

The features of this course are:

  • Real-time automation projects using selenium with python
  • Designing automation frameworks
  • Preparation for selenium and python interviews
  • Detailed understanding of the XPath
  • Condition handling in Python
  • Working with Excel files.

Automated web testing with selenium and webdriver using java:

It is an upgraded approach. This course teaches you to create different test suites, do deal with AJAX type functionality and testing standard html elements. Extensively you would be working with the selenium IDE. At the end of this course, you would be able to create your own QA framework. However, this course requires you to be familiar with Java and Maven.

  • The core concepts taught in this course are:
  • Selenium and WebDriver
  • Creating commands
  • Creating test suites
  • Fixing system properties
  • Getting table data
  • Demo on refactoring to a factory

Selenium certification training:

At the end of the selenium certification training course, you will get the certificate. In this course, you would be learning about automation testing of web applications. You are able to integrate it with the DevOps process and through a robust framework.

Skills improved in leaning selenium are:

  • Automation framework
  • Selenium Grid with TestNG
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Test cases using Selenium IDE
  • Scope of test automation
  • Core Java concepts

A career in learning selenium:

If you love software testing and automation test engineers, gaining technical knowledge of selenium is obviously important for you. Because the companies are increasingly making use of the selenium and the future is with the qualified selenium test automation engineers.

Selenium helps the companies to increase ROI faster by reducing the number of cycles involved in testing. It makes the functional test easier and has been identified as a powerful open source automation tool where it is known for its effective delivery. Tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft mostly prefer these test automation tools. Selenium learning helps you to drive into different job roles.

  • Automation test lead
  • Senior test engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Selenium automation analyst
  • QA engineer

Selenium test engineers are in great demand where salary varies from company to company. By learning selenium you have a promising career opportunity. Selenium usage is growing constantly therefore there is a high demand for selenium testers. Selenium training course boosts your career growth.

Wrapping up:

The selenium course online helps you to work on multiple real-life projects and assignments. The automation testing field has a great scope and if you learn selenium it will open up your gateway to switch into the IT field. However, it depends on your effort and commitment and how well you utilize these resources.