As always, this article aims to teach, guide and support you as you navigate your way through the world of coding, however, this time instead of taking you through the programming language itself, we will show you some of the best practices to adopt to know how to learn this particular coding script effectively and with much more ease. In this article, we will be going through some tips and tricks to efficiently manage time and resources while learning the best way to learn Python. After reading this article you should be well informed on how to go about your process of education and continue learning Python with as much proficiency as possible. So, get yourself some coffee, grab a seat and let us begin!

How to learn Python programming language:

One of the most important things to remember before you learn how to code is to note that it is never too late to begin. No matter how old or young you may be, it is never too late to start to know how to learn Python programming language. 

One factor that may boggle your idea of learning Python is that, in a sense, you will not be learning Python. I know, I know, technically you are, in fact, learning Python but in general, when it comes to more complex tasks and functions, what you develop and learn is the skill of computational thinking. Computational thinking is the ability to decide whether a problem can be solved by a computer, and if it can be solved by one, then how does one go about it; breaking larger problems into smaller challenges and solving it in the most optimal way possible. In essence, this is what you will be learning and developing once you have the basics down pat. All you need to know is the syntax and then let computational observation and thinking guid your way. Computational thinking is at the core of every programming language.

Another factor to note is that you should not spend too much time on learning the basics. Getting a gist of it will help you move forward and comprehend the following steps in coding. You should instead, begin working on problem, software, APIs and projects of your own so that you practice while creating and solving something.

Where to learn Python Programming Language:

You may be led to believe that the best way to begin learning any new programming language is to look up coding tutorials and searching ‘how to learn Python coding’ into your preferred search engine and then following along from there. However, unbeknownst to most of us, you will be making your first mistake right there. This is because most of the tutorials on the internet offers the same instructions to make very similar programs. If you have already done this, then you may be familiar with the “Hello World!” examples of executable program that almost ubiquitously pop up in most such tutorials. You keep going from tutorial to tutorial, learning perhaps, 1 new thing each time and this does nothing but stagnate your learning speed and progress. This happens because most tutorials assume you have 0 knowledge in the beginning and even if you are at perhaps, level 2 of coding, you still start from scratch with each tutorial and end up going not so far with numerous gaps in your knowledge. 

What I would suggest is, having used this method myself, that the best way to learn Python begins at Python’s own official website. That’s right, the goal of any programming language developer is to propagate the knowledge of that script to as many people as possible with as much ease as possible. This is why they have provided us with a detailed written tutorial that progressively increments your progress as you go ahead from chapter to chapter. Just like learning any spoken language is much easier when you reside in the country of its origin, one may say that it is better to learn a coding language from its official website for the most accurate and applicable information. The best practice to adopt here is to choose one source of knowledge and stick with it until you have exhausted all the information that that source has to offer. Learning Python does not require a lot of work, you just need to make it work for you.

Another method of learning Python effectively and making the process enjoyable is to adopt a creative mindset while learning how to code. Just typing in code to see the output through a compiler will eventually get boring and repetitive and you will be aching to do more than just type the code and run it. One way to avoid this is to create a website and connect it to the backend API (application interface) so that you can make small to big changes to that website, see your results in real-time and keep updating our skills by adding and creating more and more in that website. Doing this will also make it easier to see your growth in coding for yourself as you move from one creative concept to the next.

How to learn Python Coding Language for Free:

The internet is nothing but a never-ending, vast and rapidly growing knowledge pool that only keeps giving more and more. This being said, there are multiple books, courses and resources that you can pay and avail, but also remember, there are an equal number of resources if not more, online for completely free. Coders and developers donate their knowledge on multiple websites and videos on YouTube that you can use as your guide.

In conclusion, I must add that nobody will ever know the entirety of Python even if they have been at it for years on end. It is such a vast language with its intricacies and nuances that it forever keeps you learning. Since it is a rapidly growing programming language, the best time to start learning Python is right about now.