Business Analysis Online Training


Business Analysis Summary

A Business Analyst is a key professional who understands the business requirement and the
implementation on the same level. Our business analysis online training curriculum is designed to help
our learners understand the various activities involved in performing business analysis from software
engineering methods to analysis and presentation.

So, what is business analysis?

It is essentially defined as a discipline that helps the analyst understand the needs in business first.
Next, their next step is to identify the problems in the existing processes when compared to the needs.Then, it is their responsibility to figure out the solution for all the existing business problems.

As a part of their role, they also act a bridge between the stakeholders/customers and the IT team.

The process of business analysis starts from providing insights right from the beginning stage of the
project and guides the project completion in an organized manner.

Why use Business Analysis?

Business Analysis was not a part of the companies all along. The businesses felt that it incurs too much
cost and the business analysis process left out until a few years back. However, once they have realized
the importance of including the business analysis process as it can bring more profit than incurring costs,
they have started investing in this process.

So, here are the important reasons for implementing business analysis methods:

  • It helps in getting a clear understanding of company principles and dynamics.
  • It facilitates in comprehending the existing problems in various processes of the business.
  • It identifies the improving potential in the processes and thereby recommends suitable solutions
  • to help the businesses achieve goals.
  • It not only helps in identifying the solutions to problems but also demonstrates the need for
  • change.
  • Its main function is to amplify the value of the end product developed by a company and to
  • meet customer expectations.

Why should you take the Business Analysis course at QA Testing Trainings?

Business Analysis has become a key process in every company due to the following reasons:

  • By 2025, 35%of the skills which are required today will have changed. Some jobs will disappear
  • and new ones will be created. It is quintessential in such a scenario to upgrade yourself.
  • According to a report by the World Economic Forum, problem-solving, critical thinking, and
  • judgment and decision making will be the 3 top skills in
  • It introduces you to the world of data and algorithms
  • According to the top highest paid jobs, the business analysts make it to the top 5.

That said, at QA Testing Trainings, we follow unique practices to deliver our business analysis training

  • At QA Testing Trainings, we offer online live classroom led training delivery.
  • We offer training delivery through real-time case studies.
  • Learning at QA Testing Trainings provides learning through assignments and feedbacks

Program Highlights at QA Testing Trainings:

  • Introduction to Business Analysis.
  • Emphasis on requirement planning
  • Overview of requirement elicitation techniques
  • How to perform requirement analysis
  • Requirements Documentation process
  • How to communicate requirements
  • Solution, Validation, and acceptance
  • Perform Enterprise Analysis
  • Employ Best Practices and competencies
  • Analyze life cycle models
  • Delivering training on BA Fundamentals
  • Gaining hands-on experience in real-time projects
  • Case Studies from real-time projects
  • Resume building sessions
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Placement assistance
  • Mentorship sessions

Eligibility Criteria

At QA Testing Trainings, we strongly believe that the Business Analysis Training should be organic and
the learning should happen hands-on. To become a great BA, the aspirant should be able to face real-
world challenges to acquire proficiency.

With 100% assurance, we commit that whatever learning happens in this course, you will not find any
difference in the job.

The following are the professionals or beginners who can join the course:

  • Software Testers
  • Software Developers
  • Quality Assurance professionals
  • SMEs
  • Business Development professionals
  • Beginners who aspire to become business analysts


  1. What is the maximum number of trainees do you allow in a classroom?
    Our classroom strength at QA Testing Trainings is 10. We anticipate that all our trainees get personal
    attention from the trainer. That said, all our training sessions are interactive and instructor-led.
  2. Do you offer soft skills training as a part of Business Analysis training?
    As soft skills are a very integral requirement for a great BA, we offer communications skills training as a
    part of our BA program. Our course essentially covers different techniques to elicit requirements,
    understanding the differences between the need and want, understanding the business requirements,
    and comprehending them efficiently.
  3. Do you provide job placement assistance at QA Testing Trainings?
    Our Business Analysis program at QA Testing Trainings is 100% job-oriented. We provide resume-
    building sessions, mentorship programs, and mock interview rounds before the student providing
    placement assistance.