Business Analyst online training Program is the highest competitive course in the industry
providing vast skills and knowledge about business data analysis. It is designed to blend data
skills and expertise in the latest Business tools and techniques for the benefit of the organization.

This Business Analyst Certification course will train in the manner with world case studies and
live training knowledge which enables the professionals capable of all principles.

Business Analyst course Online

Business Analyst course is a high competency course used in every business which enables high
demand in business and remains profitable. The role of the business analyst varies from company
to company by the responsibility remains the same in all concerns.

Becoming a certified Business Analyst can move high in career and make new opportunities in
the vast business industry. The certification helps in the demonstration and professionalism of a
specified business. To start with, choose Business Analyst Certification for beginners which will
help you to understand what business analytics is all about and what a business analyst will do
for an organisation.

Is certification in an online Business Analyst worth it?

Yes, the Business Analyst certification course online is worth it. The training in the BA
program helps in showing individuality in each business, its profit, growth, and development. It
helps in the demonstration of professional business and principles in practice.

It helps in increasing the confidence level of each individual, helps in the motivation of
teamwork, shows recognition with professional peers, and greatly helps in hiring a skilled
employee for the company.

For job seekers, this certification program helps in an increase in its credibility during the
interview. The candidate can demand high pay based on company requirements.

Business Analyst Certification for Beginners

Level 1 – ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis) Training

ECBA certification is an entry-level course offered for beginners. This course is awarded by
IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), Canada. Business certification course free
is also available for the benefit of the beginners.

Course description: This entry-level course involves the BA introductory syllabus which helps
the fresher and IT professionals to know about the basics of the program and its certification
value. It greatly helps in pursuing a BA career at entry-level.

ECBA Syllabus:

● Introduction about Business Analysis
● Key concepts, training, and tools of BA
● BA techniques
● Analysis and design techniques
● Elicitations, collaboration, and strategy analysis
● Life cycle management
● Planning, motivation, monitoring
● Target achievement
● Planning on complete project
● Solution evaluation

ECBA online training

✔ Classroom training will be conducted by the certified professionals
✔ No eligibility for training; the expert professional trains the learners online and clarifies
the doubt from time to time.
✔ Video tutorial available for 45 hours (it’s a pre-recorded class)
✔ Online live training will be available to each individual
✔ Candidates can choose their convenient time.
✔ Scheduled weekday and weekend classes are customized as per the convenience.

Level 2 – CCBA (Certification of Capability in Business Analysis) Training

Course description

It is a professional level of certification offered by IIBA of Canada. This course is specifically
for Business practitioners who seek recognition in the BA field. To undergo this training, the
participant must clear in the first attempt.
CCBA syllabus: The advanced level-1 training will be provided in CCBA online learning. The
syllabus includes strategy analysis, BA planning, and monitoring, elicitation, collaboration,
design, development, the life cycle of management, problem-solving techniques, target
achievement, and company future planning.

Online Training Delivery: This course will be instructed by experienced certified professionals
with online live training. A video tutorial of about 60 hour’s pre-recorded class is available for
detailed training. Convenient weekdays and weekend courses are available as per the request.

Level 3 – CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) Training
Course Description
: It is a post beginner course, which is conducted online for IT professionals
and office managers. It is aimed at mixing up a basic BA program with a strong business brain
with industrial experience.

This advanced course at the basic level helps for a strong understanding of the organization, its
activities, and provides the best solution for business development. This course is designed for
the learner to get a pass in the first attempt. This course is conducted only for professionals and
office managers and not for the students.

CBAP Syllabus: The CBAP syllabus includes an introduction to CBAP certification, elicitation,
collaboration, introduction to BABOK V3, Business planning, monitoring, problem-solving,
achieving target on time, setting up of goals, company requirements, solution for problems, and
life cycle management.

CBAP Training Delivery: A video tutorial for 60 hours of pre-recorded class is available for
better understanding. The learners who carried out the basic level-1 can easily understand this
course and be able to understand the course faster.

The best certified professional will instruct the candidate for a better understanding. As per the
learners, convenience weekdays and weekend sessions are available.

BA online training benefits

Business analyst online certification courses enhance the learner’s focus on gaining plenty of
knowledge in business, its analytics, demonstrate professionalism, analysis tools and techniques,
a strong foundation in the specified platform, and career progress.

The main benefit of the Business Analyst certification for the beginners includes the

✔ Online courses enable the learner to help for better understanding, immediate doubt
clarification, and best training.
✔ Access to business tools and techniques in a fast and quick manner
✔ Access to expertise, knowledge in up to date content, market live update and live
demonstration access
✔ Ensures marketable BA competence to a higher level and brings success in business.

✔ Business Analyst Certification free is convenient to study, easy to understand, and
flexible in time.
✔ Online training sessions, online tests, interactive sessions, and Q&A sessions are the
additional advantages of learning online BA courses.
✔ The BA analyst certificate professional can demand a huge salary globally.

It is easy to identify the candidate who underwent training in Business Analyst and the one
who is not. The candidates who hold the certification can shine bright in the future. In
addition to this, advanced certification will enhance more career opportunities.