Nowadays companies need to process large amounts of data every day and efficient handling of data will help them secure perfect business growth. To get coherence from the data collected, the companies are hiring qualified professionals called Data Analyst. The function of the data analyst is to process the customer’s data, work on the performance of the company and products, deliver the data to the decision team when they require it. The information offered by the data analyst helps the company to fulfil the customer’s needs and could be able to adapt the marketing strategies, and enhance improvements in the company’s products.

Data analyst qualification

To become a data analyst the individual has to enhance their knowledge in both academic as well as skills. Here comes some of the skills required for the data analyst.

1. Technical skills 

Programming skills:

 If you want to be a data analyst you should know at least one programming language. You can be a professional data analyst if you know more than one language. The programming languages that are used to handle the data are R, PHP, Java, Python, and more. An individual can prefer doing data analytics courses where you can learn these programming and the tools required for analyzing the data. While learning online you choose your suitable time and make your training process easier.

Data management and manipulation

As a data analyst, you should gain knowledge in certain languages such as R, SQL, and HIVE. A data analyst should build a query to extract the desired data. After analyzing the data, you need to create a report. This can be done by some of the standard tools are oracle visual analyzer, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, cogues, and SAS.

2. Soft skills

Peruse excellent communication skills

The role of the data analyst is to offer accurate data to the decision-making team. Foremost the analyst should understand the requirements of the users, it can be done only by understanding the data. To collaborate with various clients, IT specialists, executives’ communications skills are necessary to ensure merges with required business objectives. By having excellent communication skills, the analyst can improve or modify the client’s suggestions.

3. Practical skills

Logical and quantitative ability

For analyzing the data, you need to know statistics and formulae. As a data analyst, you need to do fast mathematical calculations and this helps to solve common business problems. Along with this, you should know how to use the tables, graphs, and charts. Linear algebra and multivariate calculus are helpful for the data analyst hence these are highly used for analyzing the data. Likewise, the main task of the data analyst is organizing the data and calculating the numbers.

You need to acquire the data analyst skills; these skills are mandatory while you apply for data analyst jobs. The skills will show up how strong the foundation you consume for the data analyst positions.

Data analyst career path

Data analysts are in higher demand in every sector. After seven years, it has been predicted that the growth rate for the data analyst will reach 19%. Data analyst jobs are a more crucial profession so it is necessary to do a data analyst certification online as soon as possible to excel in your career, Rather the professionals will not have enough time they prefer doing the courses online. Data analysts are in higher demand in industries such as

Market research

In the present market landscape, marketers consider a data analyst plays a vital role in market strategies. Only data analysts can understand marketing campaigns’ success. Before launching new products or services in the market, data analysts are used in many companies for market research.

Finance and investments

In financial institutions, they recruit beginner data analysts as well as an expert one. In several financial sectors such as investment banks, management is the career path taken by the data analyst. If you perform better among your group members, you can easily get promotion to senior management.


There is a lot of data collected in product sales as well as in-company services. This process is carried out by the data analysts, they need to analyze the data and distribute it to the associated sectors. By analyzing the data, the company’s production rates will be increased, increases sales, and offers customer satisfaction.

How to become a professional data analyst

Before starting your career as a data analyst earn a bachelor’s degree, which is the entry step for data analyst positions. If you don’t have any experience in a data analyst role, gain the relevant experience by doing internships. In today’s world, higher demand is progressing for a data analyst role. Data analysts recognize the changes in technology and trends. In the data analyst profession, you need to update yourself, it is a lifelong learning process. Through constant updating with recent trends you can sustain in the field for a longer time.

How to become a data analyst as a fresher

The fresher data analysts require the same set of skills, but holding a data analyst certification is like a bonus point. Multiple online websites offer data analysis courses for beginners as well for professionals. With the help of the data analyst certification, the fresher can get jobs very easily. At the time interviews, companies give more preference for the certificate holders. The data analyst course will make your base stronger, it also allows you to design new projects and learn and improve your skills. With this certificate you can get into internships it gives some experience and adds them to your resume.


The above guideline shows how to become a data analyst, hopefully you have got some ideas about the field. To be a successful data analyst professional, take a course in data analysts, and enrich your career in the field. These courses will shape you as a profession, providing you the appropriate data analyst skills with the help of certification. You can easily get into the job role with confidence. A good data analyst will work on the data collected by the company, technical skills and also helps to take the company to the next step. This job has tremendous opportunities in today’s world and a data analyst employee can also get higher pay.