Big Data Hadoop training is best for IT, data management, and analytics professionals. Those who wish to choose their career as a data analyst then join data analyst certification online for the prospective career.

Hadoop online certification is designed to give an in-depth knowledge of data framework, data analytics, big data Hadoop training, and big data ecosystem tools and technologies like Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Oozie, etc.

Data Analytics course: Best suitable for IT professionals

Big data Hadoop training certification course is designed for professionals to gain expertise in Big Data Hadoop technologies. There is a shortage of Hadoop data analysts in the IT industry. Up skilling in the data analytics field is a smart career choice in the global market. Choose wisely, act smartly.

This course is best suitable for Software developers, architects, IT professionals, Senior Managers, Testing, Mainframe professionals, Data Management professionals, Business Intelligence professionals, Aspiring Data Scientists, Analytic professionals, and Graduates wishes to begin their career in Big data Analytics.


No such prerequisite is necessary for the data analysis course for beginners. However, prior knowledge of core java and SQL is helpful for learning but not mandatory. If you wish to brush up the knowledge in Java and SQL, complimentary offers are available at the time of Hadoop enrollment.

Big Data Hadoop Course Curriculum

Hadoop is open-source software. It is easy to learn, simple to use, and effective in performance. Hadoop is mainly used to store and retrieve huge volumes of data. Hadoop stores and processes the big data in a distributed framework and runs over commodity hardware.

In the data analyst certification course, the learner gains the knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem and its best practice about MapReduce, Spark, Hbase, Hive, Sqoop, etc. Apache project is open-source software used to process big volume data. 

The curriculum is designed to make the learner a certified Hadoop practitioner in the Hadoop ecosystem. This curriculum helps to seek a better career in the IT industry with a power pack salary for the trained professional. To become expertise in big data analysis, all you need to do is get complete knowledge with big data concepts and properly trained with data analysis.

Technical Skills learned at the time of Certification

The technical skills learned at the Big Data Hadoop Certification Training will help to become a Big Data expert. The data analysis course for beginners provides comprehensive knowledge of Hadoop tools and concepts.

The real-time Big data and Hadoop course will train the learner to:

  • Understand the master concepts of the Hadoop distributed file system. YARN, and Hadoop storage concepts.
  • It helps in the implementation of complex business using MapReduce.
  • Learn a big data ingestion technique using sqoop and flume.
  • Implement partitioning, indexing, and bucketing in Hive.
  • Perform ETL operations and data analytics using Pig and Hive
  • Integrate Hbase with Hive
  • Schedule jobs using Oozie
  • In-depth knowledge about Apache project, Apache spark, and Ecosystem
  • Training helps in understanding Hbase Architecture and Mechanism
  • Training on Hadoop helps to work on the real-time project without tension
  • Work on real-time Hadoop cluster
  • Schedule jobs using Hadoop tool Oozie
  • Training on Hadoop greatly helps to integrate Hbase with Hive.

Data analyst course specialization

The online certification program is designed as a short time course for the benefit of the learner. This course is an online certification here the learner can choose their convenient timings for training and theoretical part.

Hadoop is the most emerging database in the IT industry where the working professionals change over the career to a better future. The in-depth technical knowledge about Hadoop helps to apply for global opportunities.

The professional experts trained the candidates up to their expectations and created a cascading effect on industry standards and the course theory.

In the specialization, the learner learns about concepts and tools of Hadoop and spark to drive a better career with real-time access. The massive growth in data volume in industrial sectors creates unbelievable offers for trained Hadoop professionals with a lucrative package.

Learning Data Analyst certification courses lay special emphasis on real-time practice and create opportunities to launch a perfect career.

The best reason to choose Big Data Hadoop online training

The structured training with the latest curriculum helps gleam in the Hadoop career. Besides strong theoretical understanding, real-time projects with the implementation of advanced tools help to troubleshoot day to day challenges during the big volume data process.

The Data Analyst Certification course is open source code. Hadoop is easy to learn and fast to access. Moreover, it doesn’t require any license to get access. Rigorous involvement in Hadoop training helps in learning Industry standards and best practices.

Hadoop is mainly used for processing a huge volume of data. Hadoop is used in multiple sectors including banking, insurance, telecommunication, insurance, e-commerce, social media, etc. Exposure to real-world online training helps to exhibit a better future career.

Big data Hadoop is one of the most promising fields that consider all the technologies available in the IT industry. The learning of course doesn’t need any prerequisites. The colorful future is waiting for the certified professional in the top MNCs.

Benefits of Big data Hadoop online learning

Engage in weekly live classes with one on one session for a better understanding of the concepts and tools used in the course.

Become future-ready by applying concepts to real-time projects. Get into real-time access projects for a better understanding of concepts and theories. 

After successful completion of the training, apply for the certification for a better career. A certification in a resume adds up the value to the resume and shows a better way to decide a bright future.

Online trainers not only assist you in learning but also assist you in a better placement. After the training, apply for a job in top MNCs with the best package.

In self-paced learning, the learner gets access to a self-paced course curriculum includes videos, references, quizzes, projects, and assessments. Off-line video tutorials are available for references.
The students who enroll for the Data Analyst certification online will get access to course materials with lifetime subscription. The updated course materials are available even to the old batch students.