Dot Net Online Training


Dot Net Online Training Course

Our .NET course at QA Testing Trainings gives our learners a clear picture of various ways to use the .NET
Framework that includes gaining knowledge on the main components and numerous concepts. Our .NET
course curriculum is designed and developed by our training experts who also have an abundance of
industry experience and can anticipate what is required of the learners from an employer perspective.

All that said, our .NET course is ideal for both experienced professionals and beginners alike. Common
Language Runtime (CLR), Object-Oriented Programming, Classes, Getters and Setters methods, Flow
Control, ASP.NET, Ajax Extensions, SQL Data binding, variables, methods, loops, events, and many more
concepts are part of our extensive .NET course curriculum.

Our .NET course is delivered using real-time case scenarios that are implemented in the actual job
environment. Our course is designed to meet all the employers’ expectations, per company standards
and the latest technologies and practices.

Learning the end to end DotNET Framework features, functionalities, components, the numerous
programming languages the Framework supports which is touted to be 52 precisely, are all included in
the curriculum.

Our .NET Program Features at QA Testing Trainings

  • Our .NET online course at QA Testing Trainings hopes to achieve the following learning outcomes:
  • To understand and gain knowledge on .NET Framework and comprehend how C# or other programming languages play a role in the .NET platform.
  • Understand how to use ADO.NET and ASP.NET for database and web application development.
  • Learn how to use remote and web services for developing distributed applications
  • Adhering to various standards, conventions, SOLID principles, Keep it Simple and Stupid (KISS) principle

Why should one take up the .NET online course?

Irrespective of what programmers of other streams believe, the .NET Framework is still very much
relevant and is used especially for building Windows applications. The .NET programming has a special
berth in software development field where different software tools of the framework are used and
deployed to build both online and web applications.

The above features propose to be valid reasons for building a career in the web and app development
sector using .NET.

Who are eligible for enrolling for the .NET online course?

Our .NET online course is ideal for all the following candidates:

  • Beginners who aspire to make a career in .NET
  • Job Seekers hoping to enter the software development world
  • Software developers
  • Programmers who anticipate enhancing their skills

.NET Job Opportunities

The .NET platform is developed by Microsoft and introduced in 2002. It created many ripples back then
in the software field and was adopted by numerous companies across the globe. By virtue of it, there
are multiple opportunities for .NET developers in the software development world.
Upon completion of the .NET course, our learners can expect a wide pool of opportunities in the .NET

Based on the interest levels of our learners, the following job opportunities might open up for them:

  • App developer
  • .NET developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developer

What will our enrollees learn during the program?

.NET is an open-source, cross-platform app and web development framework that has the capacity to
develop a wide range of applications.

You will be learning multiple programming languages used in tandem with .NET, libraries, editors, to be
able to develop web, desktop, mobile applications, and IoT applications.

The following concepts are included in our curriculum:

  • C# features
  • Logical expressions
  • Loops
  • User-defined functions
  • Debugging
  • ASP.NET features
  • SQL Server

What will be the career prospects after learning the .NET online course?

The pay package is reasonable and the .NET programmers are never likely to face any dearth of
opportunities or career deterioration of any kind.

What are the prerequisites for learning .NET framework?

Although anyone can take up our .NET online programmers as it is sufficiently designed for beginners
and non-programmers, it is desirable to have knowledge of basic programming techniques.

Dot NET course training – FAQs

  1. What is .NET used for?
    The .NET framework can be used to develop the following applications and services:
    1 To create data-driven applications
    2 To develop web service/app that responds to users
    3 Ideal to develop Windows applications
    4 Build mobile apps for Windows OS
  2. Is .NET open-source?
    .Net is an open-source, free framework maintained and powered by Microsoft. It comprises .NET
    compiler, .NET server stack, .NET core, libraries, and frameworks as a part of its open-source version.
  3. How can I practice during the course?
    Our cloud-test lab is available to deal with all your practical sessions during the course.
  4. Can I attend a demo session before the class?
    All our registered learners can attend a free demo session before enrolling for the course where they get
    a chance to experience a live training session conducted by our trainers.
  5. What if I have queries during the course?
    Our 24 * 7 support team can help you out with any queries you might have concerning the course.