When you start your journey towards data science, you need to learn more intimidating. So many questions come to your mind when you pick data science as a career. This article could help you to start a career in data science. Through this difficult and intimidating period, this guide will set the path to learning data science. For beginners starting and navigating through the data science career can be a challenging task due to the abundance of resources. To become a successful data scientist, you need proper guidance and a road map. Here comes some of the tips on how to learn data science online.

What is data science?

The role of data science is to deal with the vast volume of data using modern techniques and tools to pick unseen patterns, make a business decision, and drive meaningful information. To build the predictive model’s data sciences uses complex machine learning algorithms. The data are used for multiple purposes and are stored in various formats.

 Pick the appropriate role

In the data science industry, there are a lot of roles available. A machine learning expert, a data visualization expert, a data scientist, a data engineer, etc are the roles where you can exhibit your skills. Based on your background and work experience choose the field which one is most appropriate to you. For example, being a software engineer it will be easy for you to switch to the data engineer. Until you are clear about your career goals and what you want to become, be confident in whatever role you choose. If you want to switch the other role, be clear about the field and prepare for it, don’t simply shift on to the roles.

Take up the course and complete it

After choosing the role in data science, the next step is understanding the role you have chosen. Data science is a big field which is in demand so thousands of courses and training are out there. Start your learning with the help of these platforms. The main objectives behind choosing the right courses should clear your basics and bring you to a suitable level. Go through the course actively whatever you take up. 

Follow the assignments, course works, and discussions happening around the data science online training courses. For example, if you want to become a machine learning engineer then take up the Machine learning training online. In the training classes, it is important to go through the videos rather than focusing on the assignments. Only by doing courses step by step, you can get a clear idea about the data science field.

Data science prerequisites

Before starting to learn what is data science you should know some of the technical concepts

Machine learning

The backbone of data science is machine learning. In addition to basic knowledge of statistics, data scientists need to have a solid grasp on ML.


You can make quick calculations and predictions using mathematical models hence it is completely based on data. Modeling is entirely all about machine learning and identifies which algorithm is suitable to solve problems. The online courses help to get training in these models.


If you want to execute data science projects some level of programming languages is required. The most common programming languages are R and python. One of the easiest languages to learn is python and it supports multiple libraries for machine learning and data science.


The core of data science is statistics. By handling the statistics perfectly, you are able to extract more intelligence and obtain meaningful results.


If you want to be a professional data scientist then understand how to work on databases, how to extract data from them, and how to manage them.

The job a data scientist does

  • To extract meaningful insights the data analysts analyses business data. Through a series of steps, data scientists solve a business problem.
  • To understand the problems, ask the right questions
  • From multiple sources gather data- public data, enterprise data, etc.
  • Convert data into a format suitable for analyses including processing raw data.
  • Process the data into the analytic system either through a statistical model or Ml algorithm
  • Share it with the appropriate stakeholders by preparing the proper results.

The lifecycle of data science projects

If you want a clear clarity on what is data science, here comes some of the stages involved in the lifecycle of the data science projects.

Study concept

The concept study is the first phase of data science projects. The main objective of this step is to understand the problem only by performing a business model study.

Data preparation

The data which are raw are not usable, in the data science lifecycle data preparation is the most crucial aspect. The data scientists need to identify whether the data adds any value or fills any gaps. In this step, you need to undergo several processes. The dataset resolves any conflicts and reduces the redundancies performed by the data integration. Using the data transformation transforms any normalized and aggregate data. By filling in the missing values, you are easily able to correct inconsistent data and smooth out the noisy data.

Model planning

You need to show up a suitable model after you have cleaned up all the data. To offer more in-depth analyses of the data this step involves exploratory data analysis. There are various 

tools used in model planning R, python, Matlab, and SAS.

Model building

Building a model is the next step in the lifecycle of data science. By using various analytical techniques and tools you can eradicate new information.


The final step is communication, you need to study complete data and convey it to the stakeholders. An expert needs to communicate his findings to a business-minded audience.

Application of data scientist

In almost every industry data scientist has found its applications such as health care, gaming, image recognition, logistics, recommendation systems, and fraud detections.

Bottom line

The above-mentioned details show how data science has stepped a larger impact on the corporate field. If you’re interested in becoming a data scientist then start learning the data science classes and it helps to gain more knowledge about the field.