The PMP certification expands the skills, knowledge, and value in the project management. It is a globally recognized certification course that helps the job seeker to land lucrative roles in IT, manufacturing industries, healthcare, banking, finance, and other exciting industries. The Project management course online provides the best job career opportunities.

What is PMP?

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification demonstrates the professional skill, knowledge and competencies required for leading the projects directly. It is an industry-recognized certification required for project managers.

The PMI certified holders get the best opportunities and handsome salary in various industries around the globe. The certification holders learn the modern management tools and resource allocation with a mathematical scheduling model.

The project management courses for beginners are best suitable for freshers who wish to kick start their career in project management. The course offers certification that builds the resume value and offers the best career opportunities for freshers.

PMP course Objective

The ultimate aim of this certification is to ensure comprehensive knowledge in project management and its strategy. The project management certification online course is designed to get a pass mark in the PMP exam on the first try itself. 

The online certification course increases the knowledge, skill, and confidence level to conquer the exam and earn PMP certification without any strain. The classes are conducted as 1:1 basis, here the learner gets clarified with his technical doubts to the trainer without any hesitation.

What skills do you learn in PMP certification?

The online PMP certification course offers the following skills during online training.

  • Learn modern project management tools that include work breakdown structure, Gantt charts, project cost estimation, and engineering economics.
  • The learner also gets knowledge in mathematical project scheduling models, resource allocation, and cost management.
  • It gives a comprehensive knowledge of technical skills, trust, and leadership quality.
  • Trains the learner to deliver the project on time with perfection within the budget
  • Developing a toolkit that is flexible for the project approaches the context with constraints

To whom this course is suitable for?

The Project Management certification online course is best suited for the fresher and professionals who look for a decent role in the vast industry.

The certification is suited for project managers. It helps to solve the technical problems within the budget and time.

The certification is also suited for team members of the project that includes Associate project managers, Assistant Project Managers, Software developers, Senior Software programmer, Project Manager, Team Leaders, and Team managers.

The certification is suited for any aspiring project manager and the IT professionals. The certification helps to get a place in the global market as the demand for skilled PMP certified professionals is high. 

Technical Skills you learn in PMP certification

The project management courses online have covered several topics related to project management. It covers various tools, techniques, concepts, and scenarios. Some of its topics are listed here

Scope Management: The project scope management includes the process to manage scope changes and ensure that the project will be delivered to the client within the time frame and within the budget,

The scope is defined as a work breakdown structure that takes place through formal procedures to control the changes that happened in the project management.

Schedule and Cost Management: This explains the cost of the project and the time of project delivery. The budget of the project is included in the schedule and cost management which determines how much work element should cost each level with the work breakdown schedule and total cost.

Plan Quality Management: The quality management plan documents the important information required for the execution of the project. It defines the project plan, estimation, quality policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities and authorities. 

The plan quality management will take care of quality management from the process to the delivery. It also ensures the scheduled time delivery within the budget.

Risk Assessment: Every project has risk management. The risk assessment process involves the identification of risk, mitigation, and regulation on a project. The main objective is to increase the opportunities and to decrease the threads.

Risk management involves five essential steps that include identifying the risk in its operating environment, analyzing the risk and determining the scope of the risk. Now prioritize the risk and treat it with the best elimination process for better quality output.

Once the entire process is done, monitor and review the risk for complete project management. Risk management is important in project management to ensure project success and mitigate the problem in the future.

Advantages of Online PMP certification

Comfort: The project management courses online training is a comfort to study, as the learner will not be bound to any physical session. The training, theoretical session, and materials will be provided online.

Time-saving process: If you are a working professional, the online certification course help to balance the current job and online course without stress. The learner can choose their convenient time based on the time slot and learn accordingly.

Employee Competency: Online certification program provides proof of employee competency. Online certification minimizes the risk of violation and the hiring manager can resource the right candidate for the right job.

Lower costs: The online course cost is less than the course at the training centre; the learner can also have no travel expenses for online training. The learners can save travel time and spend that in the training session.

Experienced Professionals: The training will be provided by expert faculties who are already working in the same field. The classes will be conducted as one on one sessions and the learner can clear his doubt and clarifications during their training session.

The real-time experience will be gained by the learners. It greatly helps them to work with real-time projects without hesitation. The professionals provide excellent job assistance at the time of completion of the course.

Career Advancement: The Project Management Course for beginners is best suitable to kick start their career in the management sector. The course provides excellent career guidance to the fresher and experienced professional.

The project management certification online course enhances the credibility and offers excellent job career globally. The certification helps the employee meet the company standards and requirements and focus on the area of improvement. The certification is a sign of achievement and mastery.