Nowadays, most organizations automate their testing efforts to save both time and cost and selenium becomes one of the topmost automation testing software. Each business has an option to choose from a variety of testing tools while automating its software testing efforts. Some of these tools are open-sourced and free, where others are licensed. Due to its myriad benefits, the automated testing of web applications prefers selenium. 

If you are fresher or non-IT professionals who want to change their career into IT? Automation testing is the best tool to drive you into the IT field. There is a demand for selenium experts increased like never before, where many experts have come out with selenium training courses. The institutes offer selenium live project training; it is an important part of selenium courses. The live project training helps the students and IT professionals to gain practical knowledge on selenium and also familiarize them with the real-life issues and problems that may occur while working on a live project as a part of their career. Freshers can add the experience of working Selenium with Java Training live projects in their resume that will certainly enhance the chances of getting better opportunities. 

What is selenium?

Selenium used for testing of web applications, it is an open-source portable and automated software testing tool. It can operate across different browsers and operating systems. It’s set of various tools aid testers automating the web-based applications efficiently and effectively. Selenium that automates web browsers is an open-source tool. Its single interface helps you to write test scripts in programming languages like Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, and c#, among others.

Selenium can use anybody for free, where it is an open-source tool. Independent programmers can learn and practice automation testing using selenium WebDriver where any organization can use selenium to test their website or web application.

Selenium with java training:

Selenium with java training course helps to know the basics of WebDriver API using Java. This course covers identifying locators with developer tools, web driver interfaces explanation and invoking browser. The selenium with java training provides core java concepts that are focused on selenium web drivers. You should start with Inheritance, Encapsulation, abstraction and interface where core java is the part of java programming language. And you can learn core java basics like variables, data types, control statements, string handling functions and Exception handling. Learning Core Java with Selenium Automation Testing helps to create or develop a general-purpose application like online application and mobile application. The course consists of full hand on the session and it can help your career to reach another success ladder. The course provides information on how automation web-based application and implementation help in frameworks such as Hybrid and Data-driven that help you in future. 

Install selenium Java:

If you want to master selenium and you are interested in Automation Testing then the key step is to install selenium java and get familiar with it. Selenium is an open-source tool and supports various programming languages like Java, C#, Perl, Python etc., In Selenium, Java is widely used language, so install selenium java to configure the environment so that later on Java codes can be used to drive the selenium.

The online course guides you to install java by step by step procedure. The procedure includes:

  • Go to the Java downloads page and click on the java platform option.
  • Next, select the accept license agreement, accept it and click the download link against your matching system configuration
  • Once the download is over, you can run the installer and follow onscreen instructions
  • Go to Start and search for system
  • Click on system
  • Click on Advanced system settings
  • Click on environment variables under the advanced tab.
  • Under the system, variables choose a new and enter the variable name a Java_Home and the java installation directory full path.
  • Depict the configuration of environment variable name and value
  • Configure the environment variables and edit the path of the system variable 
  • Under variable value enter the path %JAVA_HOME%bin.
  • Check the installation and run the command in cmd – java –version. 

Easy implementation:

Selenium automation framework is an extremely easy-to-use tool. Selenium java download is easy to install and helps you to execute tests, analyze reports and report bugs faster. The selenium java download helps immensely to understand the projects and deliver quality products quicker.

Live project training:

The online course which provides the selenium sample project java, it enhances your practical knowledge and becomes job-ready. With the selenium online course training take your IT career to a new high. When you are in online training you can get knowledge from the professionals, it helps to build new contacts and help you in future when searching for your job opportunities. The online live projects help you to understand the problems and issues and you can solve it with the help of the experts, thereby you get an idea about the selenium technology and help you to work with live projects.

Switch your career as a selenium automation tester:

Learning selenium courses online helps you to build a career in automation testing. The effective learning methodology helps you to improve your analytical skills. As a software tester, you can easily identify the bugs and issues and solve the complicated problems to generate test cases. With the help of the selenium course, you can fast-track your automation test career. 

Advantages of learning selenium:

  • Selenium is an open-source tool
  • It can be extended for several different technologies
  • Across different browsers, it can execute scripts.
  • It can also execute scripts on different operating systems
  • It supports mobile devices
  • It executes tests within the browser. Therefore no focus is needed during script execution.

Final thoughts:

In the fast-growing industry, if you want to sustain and establish the best career it is necessary to grow skills. To make your career better in the automation industry as a software tester choose the selenium course. Where selenium has emerged as the major test automation tool for testing web-based applications. Selenium is popular among web developers and testers across the world. Learning a selenium course will benefit you in different ways and provide a better chance of getting a job in the software industry.