Java Online Training


Java Training at QA Testing Trainings 

Our Java online course is a 100-hour program that includes all the key concepts of Java programming such as, Core Java and J2EE concepts like Spring Frameworks, JDBC Architecture, and JUnit, etc. These skills are essential for our learners to become experts in Java programming and coding.  

From the introduction to programming techniques like data types, conditional statements, loops, arrays, to developing familiarity with OOP concepts, methods, constructors, and then taking through the advanced concepts and hands-on coding experience on JDBC JUnit Framework; we make you adept at Java programming end to end. 

We have also included core Java interview questions and J2EE interview questions to develop your understanding of what the employers look for during the interviews. 

Java Certification Key features 

Our exhaustive Java course will essentially help our learners grow as a software developer in their career. The following are the learning outcomes of our Java program: 

  • Introduction to Java programming and core concepts 
  • Develop an understanding of concepts such as Inheritance, Collections, Threads in Java 
  • Helping our learners gain knowledge in OOP concepts – Inheritance, Encapsulations, Classes, Polymorphism, Abstraction,  
  • Connecting with JDBC for different applications 
  • Using different ways of storing dynamic data in Array, HashMap, etc 
  • Learning to deploy runnable interfaces doe creating threads 
  • Develop an understanding of Java Server Pages 
  • Introduction to Hibernate, running Hibernate queries 
  • Introduction to Spring, working on Spring AOP. 
  • Learn Spring JDBC and Spring Hibernate, Spring MVC 
  • Working on live projects for developing hands-on experience 

Benefits of pursuing Java online course 

Java is still the 2nd most popular programming language and software developer’s popular choice in the coding world. It is highly adopted as it is compatible with all computer and mobile applications alike without the need to being compiled.  

It is easy-to-learn, implement, compile, and debug and a majority of companies still need qualified Java professionals to meet all their software development needs. 

This Java training course at QA Testing Trainings can help our learners develop all the right skills to become a successful Java developer and to attain high-paying jobs in top companies. 

Post the Java course completion at QA Testing Trainings, our learners will be eligible to pursue the latest technologies like Hadoop, Selenium automation tool, etc. in addition to taking up Java developer roles. 

Java Developers are still one of the top-paid professionals across the globe. The following career options are available after the Java course completion: 

  • Java Developer 
  • Java Architect 
  • Web Developer 
  • Database Administrator 

Java Certification course eligibility: 

The Java online course is ideal for beginners who aspire to become software professionals as the jargon goes that ‘Java makes you think like a programmer’.  

That said, our Java online course is ideals for all the below-mentioned candidates: 

  • Beginners 
  • Software Developers 
  • Web Designers 
  • Programming enthusiasts 
  • Students  
  • Professionals from non-IT background 

Prerequisites for taking up Java classes: 

Java is a universally adopted language and simple and easy to learn. Anyone without prior programming skills can take up this course. However, before enrolling for the advanced Java concepts, knowledge of core Java basics is essential. 

Why choose QA Testing Trainings for an online Java course? 

  • 100-hour in-depth course coverage 
  • Lifetime access to LMS and classroom recordings 
  • Cloud-test lab access for practice 
  • 24 * 7 support 
  • Flexible Schedule 
  • Resume preparation 
  • Mock Interviews 
  • Mentorship 
  • Job placement assistance 

Online Java course FAQs 

  1. What should I do to get Java certification? 

Learn Java online from QA Testing Trainings and on completion of the course and the projects included in the curriculum, you will be awarded the Java course completion certificate from QA Testing Trainings. 

2. Do you provide Java interview questions as well before the interviews? 

Yes, as a part of our mock interviews and mentorship, we provide Java interview question samples for 360-degree preparation for interviews.

3. How can I practice during the Java course? 

You will be provided with access to our cloud-test lab where you can practice for unlimited hours during the course duration.

4. Can I request additional support for a better understanding of concepts? 

Yes, our 24 * 7 support team can help you with any course-related queries you might have. However, for doubts clearance on concepts, either email support is provided or if the situation demands, we also arrange for a one to one session with the trainer for extra support.