If there is one programming language that is extremely easy to learn and would be helpful in
building a strong foundation to learn other languages then it is Python. It is Undoubtedly the
easiest language to learn and considerably decreases the lines of code, if you are a beginner in
coding then you need not worry as you can easily learn Python online by enrolling yourself in
the best online courses website. Python is widely used by many of the leading companies like
Google, Nokia, IBM, and so on, therefore learning this language can increase your chances of
getting hired by top companies too. Here are some of the advantages that you should know
before you start learning Python and become a successful Python developer

Why Python is better than other programming languages

The amalgamation of the best features makes Python the best language for developers and other
programmers to use this language more than the others. You can easily learn the language with
the best resources only if you learn Python course online and you can become an expert in it by
doing some projects too. Here are the features that make the Python language so popular

Support libraries

You can find extensive standard support libraries for almost all the areas right from internet
protocols to the string operations which also includes operating system interfaces that reduce the
lines of code in Python. This feature enables the developers to easily write codes and get the job
done faster than any other programming languages

It is Open Source and allows community development

Python is developed under the open-source license which enables the developers to use and
distribute absolutely free of cost including for commercial purposes. Additionally, the
development of Python is supported by its community which collaborates its code through
various conferences and also provides various modules to the developers

Many resources available online

Python’s syntax is easy to understand as well as beginner-friendly because it is easier to learn
than the other programming languages available. The PEP 8 sets some rules for the formatting of
the code and apart from that,you can find numerous resources that can help you to learn python
programming online
. You will get a plethora of online tutorials and courses for the beginners to

start learning the courses in an easy way and you can do some projects on your own to ain more

Data structures of Python are user-friendly

Data structures are a complicated topic when you want to implement it in other languages but
here is a piece of good news for beginners, Python has a built-in dictionary of data structures
available which can be used to construct a fast runtime data structures which will increase the
efficiency of your code too. This programming language also provides the developers with the
option of Dynamic high_level data typing which will reduce the length of the code that will be

The speed and productivity of the language

Object-oriented design always provides greater control capabilities and also gives the
developer’s a strong integration and text processing capabilities for increased speed all of these
are available in Python which makes the language a powerful one. It also has its own unit testing
framework for increased productivity which makes Python the most viable option while building
a so complex multi-protocol network applications
These are some of the benefits that you should know about the Python Programming language
before you dive right into programming because this will help you choose your first language or
give you a headstart on what to expect from Python. Here are some additional information that
you should know about this programming language

Applications of Python

➢ You can make GUI based desktop applications using Python
➢ You can easily code your own Games
➢ You can make high-end scientific and computational applications
➢ You can create image processing and graphic design applications easily
➢ You can see the usage of Python is Wen frameworks
➢ It can also be used in Operating Systems
➢ You can create an enterprise or a business application using Python

Other Benefits

Enrolling on an online course for Python will be the best decision you make to start your journey
as a Python developer or simply a beginner who loves to experiment with new languages. Since
the language has a plethora of benefits you should opt for online courses to get a deeper

understanding of the learning materials provided to you and also try to implement it. Here are
some other benefits that Python has to offer

➢ If you want to develop a Prototype and are looking for a language that can be easily
understandable then Python is your answer as you can do rapid prototyping with this
➢ Most of the data mining and other complex tasks like automation relies on Python
because it is the best language that can be used for these purposes
➢ Python helps the experienced programmers to stay organized and also reduces the lines of
code which helps developers to be more productive
➢ Django, a powerful web framework is powered by none other than Python which can be
used to simplify the development process
➢ Even if you are just a beginner in the world of Python you can easily understand the code
and you need not to be a skilled programmer to be able to read the codes as well as
understand them
➢ Since Python is Open source and powered by the communities you can see a lot of
reforms and inclusion of new features every now and then

All the benefits provided by Python can convince you to start a Python course and if you are
really interested then you can easily enroll in the best online course providers to become a
Python developer. Enrolling on an online course can help you to code better and also understand
every concept clearly so that you are job-ready or increase your skills which can help you in
building your career. So, make the right decision today and enroll in a Python course online