In this dynamic world, there are rapid changes with anything you are coming across. The technology is vastly developing and creating space for career opportunities. Among these, python is an artificial language that is simpler and straight forward. It cut s the developmental time in half and offers simple to read syntax and simple compilation features. Also, it has lots of libraries that will support the data analysis, visualization and manipulation. Thus, it is one of the preferred languages among companies. When you master the programming language, there are lots of career opportunities waiting for you. Are excited to know about the various job roles you can opt for when you have the python online course? Continue reading to find them!

Data analyst

Many companies both big and small are searching for the people who can examine the large set of data to fetch the most useful one for their organization. Python libraries like pandas and spicy are great steps in accomplishing certain particular tasks. Python is appreciated as the leading programming language especially when you are implementing machine learning. So, several top companies are looking for a professional who is expertise in python as the data analyst.


The one who is teaching is considered to be the superior ones as they are people who are playing a significant role in taking the business to the potential audience. The companies who recruit the freshers have to train their employees to have strong python skills. So, they are looking for professionals who can understand the new employees and equip them with the right python skills. As the demand for professionals is increasing all over the world, the needs of trainers are also widely increasing.

Data journalist

Do you know the learning python will pave the way to success as the journalist as well? Yes! Several journalist companies are looking for python professionals as you will be potential to swiftly sort through the information. You can even move to the further batch of journalism where the data are coming from the tell stories. Besides, if you have some other skills-oriented with journalism, you can expertise this area as well.

Quality assurance engineer

The quality assurance engineers are the post that is at the ground level and paves way for getting into the technical jobs. It is not only about the software, but it is about the testing as well. It will also help you to have proficiency in the automation-related aspects making it a ubiquitous language within the software testing process. This offers lots of career opportunities after you finish the Python online course certification. Besides, it includes creating the software test plans and test cases, developing and executing the automation scripts with the help of the open-source tools, tracking software bugs, documenting and monitoring the process results.


One of the most direct and obvious jobs you can dream of when you are taking up the Python online course for beginners is the python developer. It will be well suited for the people who are experts in python programming and passionate with an array of works. When you are opting for these jobs, you have to work on various aspects like building websites, optimizing data algorithms, solving data analytics issues, writing a code which is reusable, efficient and easily testable. Further, you should be able to optimize the data algorithms and implement security data analytics issues.

Product manager

The key role of the product manager is to research the new features, justify the reason behind the products to be built or removed, discovering the loopholes in the market, etc. As the data plays a vital role in every domain, there are lots of companies who are looking for python experts in the industry.

Full-stack developer

Python full stack developer is the role that straddles the road between entry and mid-level. So, this will allow you to enter the workforce during the full-stack role, but you should also grow the other necessary skills to excel in this role. There are also some other opportunities and careers after you learn python. For the freshers, the full-stack web developers are programmers with the manpower of forepart and the side skills. It will work together with knowing the way to use the python. On the rear end, they are equally receptive to build the forepart with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It includes developing forepart website architecture and developing side website infrastructure. You may also work for creating servers and databases, designing and developing the APIs.

How to get settled in these job roles?

Though there are so many job roles you have as the python programmer, the competition is also high. So, here are some other tips that will help you to excel with your career.

  • Become master over the language
  • Have relevant certification with necessary technical and non-technical skills in python
  • Keep following the technology updates and know that you are updated with the new and recent concepts.
  • Try to work with some simple projects from different companies to gain hands-on experience in the domain.
  • Though python is the separate domain, there are separate specializations in them. So, ensure you are choosing the right one to succeed in it.

Time to join in the right course

When you get into the internet, there are lots of courses that will show you a way of getting excellent skills with it. However, ensure you are choosing the most suitable one concerning various factors like

  • The materials they can offer you
  • The value of the certification
  • The duration of the course
  • The practical session to have exposure to hands-on experience
  • A platform for job opportunities after completion of the course

The bottom line

As the technology is growing, there are lots of opportunities to get into the technical world. However, you have to choose the right direction and work with more passion and dedication to excel in it. Start making some research to choose the most suitable destination to have the course and set your career.