In today’s digital technology, the certification has huge value as it is a professional proof for required skill and knowledge. Certification helps to implement educational and theoretical subjects in the practical sessions.

Certification helps in gaining practical skills that are essential for the job. There is a certainly noticeable difference among certified and non-certified professionals among the workers. Certified professionals have more benefits and learn relevant skills that help in setting the right career.

During the interview session, the company prefers hiring certified professionals than non-certified professionals. The employer seeks to notify an advantage over other candidates in the recruitment.

Is it worth getting certification in QA?

Getting a certification in Quality Assurance Certification courses is a tiresome experience, however, the learner understands the importance of certification sooner and the benefit of learning the online certification later.

Most of the people working in an IT firm as a software tester are non-certified professionals. Of course, they don’t have basic testing knowledge and the real-time experience before the job. However, the certification helps fresher for a better career path. It allows them to achieve a dream job.

The certification not only expands the testing knowledge, but it also helps in detecting problems easier. It is obvious that the certification increases the confidence level and enables them to look for new career opportunities.

Types of Certification Available for online QA Program:

There are mainly two online certifications available for Quality Assurance certification online programs.

  • QA Foundation and Entry Level
  • QA Advanced level

It is worth getting certification in any of the types. The foundation level is recommended for the fresher who wants to start their career in testing and IT. The advanced level is preferred for the experienced professionals who want to shine their career in top MNC’s.

The Quality Assurance Certification Training offers various levels of position in the industry. Some of the programming positions include QA Test Manager, QA test Analyst, Agile tester, Mobile testing engineer, Security testing engineer, test automation Engineer, etc.

The advanced level certification offers different positioning that includes Associate Software Tester, Manager of software Testing, Senior Test Engineer, etc.

What you will learn in QA certification?

  • Quality Assurance Certification course explains the basics of testing methods.
  • It helps in understanding the concepts of SDLC
  • It explains the test automation techniques. It gives a detailed idea about the latest advancements and current trends followed in the industry.
  • QA training helps to understand the core concepts of basic and advanced testing.
  • The experienced faculty handles the online sessions that help to get a clear idea of working in real-time access.
  • The course explains the test strategy, plan, and execution.
  • It helps to get comprehensive knowledge of the various automation test framework.
  • The course covers various testing tools including the best guess, WBS, Delphi, etc.
  • It helps to identify and track issues in JIRA applications.
  • The learner can perform a task in testing and analysis in the practical session.

The learner can perform the task that includes planning, testing, analyzing, QC, etc and send the report to the management. At the end of the course, the learner gets in-depth knowledge about SQL databases and queries to run on the live projects.

Positives of Online QA Certification:

  1. The Quality Assurance Certification online offers a great opportunity around the world. The fellow learner can connect with the best trainer around the globe. The interaction with professional experts can gain global perspective learning and interaction with various people from different countries.
  1. The online certification curriculum mainly focuses on knowledge and skills related to manual testing and automated testing. The certification helps the professionals to refresh their basic skills and get updated with the latest technologies.
  1. The Quality Assurance certification online course is best suitable for fresher and experienced testers. The certification course helps the fresher to kick start their career in the testing industry. For the experienced tester, the course helps them to get in-depth knowledge and skill related to testing tools, and techniques.
  1. The fresher gains complete knowledge about testing in the online certification. It gives them the greater opportunity to stand idle in the big job hunting crowd. The real-time training offers them to work in the project directly without any training.
  1. The majority of the job hunters approach the company without certification may find more difficulties in finding the right job for their graduation. The certified professionals are hired by top MNC’s and provide job assistance to the online learner.
  1. The fresher has an option to choose the company based on their skills and needs whereas non-certified people will always find difficulty in job hunting. The certification helps the fresher to select the resume during the initial screening.
  1. Most of the hiring managers filter the resume and save time by selecting certified professional resumes. The certification ensures sufficient knowledge in the subject and the real-time training encourages them to work with real-time projects.
  1. The maximum number of hiring managers prefer certified professionals to save their time and show perfection in their duty. The hiring managers find difficulty hiring non-certified professionals. The certification in your resume makes a difference and looks more professional.
  1. For the experienced software professional, the certification helps for a higher position in the same firm in the same field. The Quality Assurance Certification training ensures basic knowledge in testing and increases confidence.
  1. The quality assurance certification course ensures sufficient knowledge in testing basic, handling tools, technique methodologies and its testing practices. Many of the experienced tests do professional tests of what they do on every task.
  1. The certification on the testing field helps them to look for new opportunities in the industry and to move forward in their career around the globe. The right candidate will get good remuneration offered by top MNC’s.
  1. The above all certification gives updated technological knowledge and online training course offers lifetime access to the website and video tutorials that help the learner to get back to the videos whenever they wish.
  1. The registered candidates get lifetime free access to the materials and tutorials and get updated with the technology. It is worth investing money in certification for a rewarding career.

After the successful completion of the Quality Assurance certification courses, the learner gains complete knowledge about data handling, testing, and management skills. He ensures the safety, quality, and prompt delivery of the product to the customer. Join today for the bright career!!