Project Management Training


Program Management Certification Course

Our project management training at QA Testing Trainings helps our learners acquire the knowledge and
skills required to carry out all the essential functions of a project manager. Our enrollees will learn and
apply the effective ways to plan, manage, execute, and control end to end project in any industry.
During our project management course, all our students will be able to learn various project
management methodologies that help in driving the projects through successful completion.
The course essentially covers all the latest trends, practices, customized considerations, and core
competencies that are expected from a project management professional.

In our project management course, we emphasize developing different strategies and knowledge for a
better business outcome that can be applied for conducting project management in both small and large

What is Project Management?

Project Management is all about managing and handling various functions of a project with the core
intention to improve the overall performance thereby driving business growth.
The project manager basically organizes and manages resources that are integral to the project. That
said, the project is not a process or an operation but works on developing a product. It has a beginning,
an end, and deadlines.

The project management is how you apply the processes, methods, resources, skills, knowledge, and
experience to meet project objectives and goals. Furthermore, all the above practices should comply
with the project acceptance criteria with agreed parameters. The project management has the final
product that is bound by timelines and budget.

The essential skills a project manager must develop are:

  • Detail-orientation
  • Business savvy People-friendly
  • Communication skills
  • Motivating capabilities
  • Resourceful
  • Expertise in managing the risks

Project Management Training course features

Our project management course is designed to help our learners in appearing for PMP certification from
the Project Management Institute (PMI). Listed below are the key features and learning outcomes of the

Work Breakdown structure

How to conduct Resource allocation?

Working on Gantt Charts

Learn Mathematical project scheduling models

Develop skills to conduct Project cost estimation

Handling cost management

Understanding engineering economics

Develop leadership qualities

Benefits of Project Management Classes’

Our project management online course is ideally meant for senior management roles in all the
industries. Better project management skills help the managers in achieving the desired results in the
set duration.

Through our project management course, our learners as project managers can gain a fresh perspective
on the project and how to apply it in the business scenario.

It helps our students prioritize the business resources in a project and understand how to use them
The following professionals can benefit from enrolling in this advanced program:

  • Project Managers
  • Associate Project Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Team Members who hope to get into lead roles
  • Software Developers
  • Engineers

Prerequisites for Project Management Certification Training

There are no absolute prerequisites for the course. However, upon the completion of the course, our
learners will learn:

  • Managing numerous projects and conducting various activities.
  • Understanding the business strategies central to the project
  • Working on different tools to efficiently manage projects

Project Management Course – FAQs

  1. How do online training classes work?
    Online classrooms for a project management course at QA Testing Trainings are conducted through live
    streaming of interactive classes. All our project management course batches are conducted by
    experienced project managers and above with 5-15 years of industry experience.
  2. Is the project management course live classes or recorded sessions?
    All the project management classes are live sessions conducted by the instructors. However, these live
    classes are recorded and uploaded on the LMS for the future reference of the learners.
  3. What certification will I receive after the project management course?

Upon the course completion, you will be awarded project management certification from QA Testing
Trainings. However, with the knowledge gained during our course, all our learners can easily clear the
PMP exam from PMI.

  1. Can I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund?
    Yes, in case of a valid reason, you can cancel your enrollment. If the cancellation is within the set period
    a refund will be processed. Refer to our refund policy for accurate details.
  2. Who are our trainers?
    As already mentioned, all our trainers are industry experts with years of experience. They undergo a
    rigorous selection process to become a trainer at QA Testing Trainings.