Are you aspiring to have a secure future and earn a six-figure salary and enjoy life to the fullest? Then the first thing that you have to do is learn python and you will. The python programming language is one of the most loved languages by developers across the globe. Its use is abundant in the various fields; data science, engineering, web development are just a few to name. Adding Python to your resume will be an asset unlike anything else with an instant rise in demand for you. And now learning python can never be easy with various online python for data science courses.

What Is Python?

If you are new to the world of programming it can be a little overwhelming but don’t worry the popularity of python is because it can be learned by anyone. Python is a simple, user-friendly, and easy data science language for beginners. And another fun fact is that you can learn python online with the best tutors in the field.

History of Python

In simple terms, Python is a powerful programming language with clear and simple syntax. The language was created by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum in the late 1980s. As a fun fact, the language took birth during the developer’s Christmas holidays. Thanks to him that he did a little more with his Christmas holiday other than chewing mashed potato, that we have got a powerful programming language in the world.

The language is not only reserved for small scale applications but also by big companies like Facebook, Uber, Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox, Reddit, Microsoft, Mozilla, and NASA use this language. Do you know what this means? If you learn Python you will have a golden ticket to work in these companies.

Why should you learn python online in 2020?

The history of python dates back to a few years, still python is a programming language that is powering the world. Python is claiming that it is the fastest-growing programming language in the world. According to the world’s top developers, it is one of the languages that come under high-earning economies. This means that you can work anywhere across the globe if you are an expert in python programming. Ultimately python computer programming is your ticket to work anywhere in the world. But if you are a person who cannot spend time commuting to classes and want to study on the go then online python courses are here to your rescue. Here are a few valid points supporting that online python courses will take you to the next level.

The perfect language for beginners

You don’t need to have any prior programming experience to start performing data analysis using the Python language. Unlike R and MATLAB, two other data science and engineering language giants, Python has a very simple syntax and coding rules. This makes python the perfect language for beginners who want to shift their careers. All you have to do is find an online python for beginners and jump right in.

Endless online resources

There were times where only computer science students who register for classes can learn. But it is a long-gone trend. Now anyone and everyone can learn python with the help of online resources. Fortunately, the official Python documentation reveals everything you need to know about the language. The language is simply straight forward therefore picking the right course is also straightforward. The added benefit of the online python course is that for hands-on experience and guidance, you can also find introductory python data science courses from data science giants. The biggest challenge now is finding the right course from the heap of sources that is available online.

Quick software development time

The traditional finance areas prefer Python than other languages because application development time is quick. Many prefer python because the myriad of open-source data analysis libraries allows development much faster compared to data analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel and R. With the python libraries you need not write the codes from scratch. This makes the learning of python easier compared to the other programming languages.

There is no limit to opportunity

Bored with the job that you are doing right now? Then it is time to change your field of career and python will be your well-wisher for doing the same because if you learn python you are open to learning in the following fields; 

·        Data science

·        Scientific and mathematical computing

·        Web development

·        Finance and trading

·        System automation and administration

·        Computer graphics

·        Basic game development

·        Security and penetration testing

·        General and application-specific scripting

·        Mapping and geography (GIS software)

Among all the fields data science is raging and stages the top spot of the list. Start now by selecting a python data science tutorial online and grab your spot in the field of data science. There are also other exciting options like game development, finance, and trading that will be a milestone in your life. I know choosing the right option is quite a daunting job.

Never-ending demand

It was estimated two years back that the demand for a position in the field of data science and analytics will skyrocket by 1581 percent in 2020. And it is not true because the demand has increased more than the estimated number. So with rising demand day by day, your learning python will help you make use of the demand.

The salary will make you dizzy

According to Indeed python is one of the highest paying languages in the world. As the companies hiring are usually top conglomerates your life will be settled with just one language. The average salary for python coders a year is about $118,626. Though the number can add up or reduce a little it is a dream salary that anyone will want to get.

Other reasons why you have to learn python are:

  • The language is flexible
  • Used in various industries
  • It is a secure language
  • You can also own a startup

Final takeaway

The best way to start the journey of python is by enrolling yourself for certification in data science. And now with online courses, you can embark on your journey anywhere and at the comfort of your timing. Get in-depth knowledge and become a master of python and let opportunities knock your door.