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QA Testing Trainings , is powered by H2KInfosys which is head quartered at Alpharetta, GA,USA strives its best to provide the knowledge it has gained from testing fraternity. To add value to its philosophy it has come up with a structured curriculum in the stream of software testing course. Its testing course program covers all aspects that are important for people to become the perfect software testers. Our QA Online Training course is designed for working professionals and involves hours of training to progressively develop testing skills right from introducing basic to teaching advanced concepts such as creating a test plan, framing test estimations, configuration management etc. Our training course also introduces tools and automation testing concepts such as Manual Testing and QTP.

Courses offered by H2kinfosys:

Manual Testing :

This course involves teaching the skills to test software manually without making use of any automated script or tool. In the Manual Testing Course Session, the tester or the trainee takes up the role of the end user to test the software and to identify bugs and unexpected behaviour of the program. Different concepts of manual testing have been taught in QA classes such as Unit testing, system testing, User acceptance testing, integration testing etc.

Automation Testing :

Automation Testing is used when the tester writes scripts and uses software to test the existing software. This is indeed automation of the manual testing process and the tool is used to re-run test scenarios that were once performed manually and repeatedly. Our Training imparts the best training with automation testing and helps the trainees to use the tool in testing application from performance, load and test point of view. It also enhances test coverage and improves the accuracy in software testing.

ETL Testing :

ETL expands as Extract Transform load and is a predominantly a process that is used commonly in migrating data from its source to the destination in variant steps of Information management. Our QA classes imparts varying ETL testing techniques in its best QA Sessions such as imparting the knowledge of transforming data depending on business requirements, making sure that all data are projected into data warehouse without Transaction and loss, making sure that data gets loaded in the warehouse at the prompt time and ensuring that this ETL applications rejects and replaces invalid data and default values in the program.

QTP Testing :

Quick Test Professional (QTP)Interface which is regarded as an effective play back Automation tool in Software Testing. The ability of the testing tool is that it allows the tester to test both standard objects of the web and also active controls. Testers are also equipped to test java applets and multimedia objects, Visual basic application and windows tools in applications.

Selenium :

Professional Quality Assurance Classes is extended to the trainees through the selenium tool. Selenium IDE is indeed a plug-in to firefox and has the ability to playback and record tests. Users are able to export the recorded test in Html, Java, Ruby, .Net, languages. The exported test thus extracted has the ability to run in any platform by taking advantage of the selenium remote control feature.

Key features :

  • It imparts best training based on the mindset and qualification level of trainees through expert faculties.
  • Along with training, it ensures job placement assistance soon after completing the course.
  • All training sessions are mediated face to face and are led by professional instructors.
  • Users are free to access training sessions from their private set up through their own pc’s.
  • Students also gain access to recorded videos after the class.
  • Along with theory sessions, hands on training are afforded through cloud test lab.
  • Students are eligible for a life time membership to gain access to all of its online live class sessions.
  • Sessions are repeated for students who are not clear with the concept at no additional cost.
  • Professional quality assurance sessions is afforded in both weekday and weekend batches based on the preference of the user.
  • Candidates resumes are marketed and mock interviews are conducted to help them enhance their confidence levels to face real time interviews.
  • During the sessions we provide innovative QA testing materials for ease of understanding.

Training on Real Times Projects:

  • Health Care Domain
  • CRM
  • Banking Domain
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Telecom

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