QA Testing Training


The Best Software Quality Assurance Training

At QA Testing Trainings, we offer a 100-hour QA training program that can help our learners understand
right from the basics in software testing to evolve and excel as a Quality Assurance Professional. Our
Quality Assurance training includes assessing the products in the pre-production stage, next determining
the defects in products manufactured and take necessary steps to prevent them, developing knowledge
in end to end software development life cycle (SDLC), etc.

During the course, our learners will learn various means to decipher applications using static and
dynamic techniques, execute boundary value analysis, perform walk-through audits, develop test
processes, and quality analysis plans.

What is Software Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is a process that follows a system of processes to understand if the products being
developed are likely to meet the customers’ expectations. It is a process that makes sure with various
methods and activities that the software engineering processes are all complying with pre-defined
quality standards.

The Software Quality Assurance involves all software development processes beginning with eliciting
the requirements to coding until the release happens. The primary responsibility of the SQA process is to
ensure quality.

Who should take up Software Quality Assurance training?

Our Software testing certification course is designed and developed to help the quality and the testing
specialists, who are looking to stay updated with the current practices and for the others who hope to
become quality assurance professionals as well.

Other ideal learners can be:

  • Business Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Software Analysts
  • Auditors
  • Beginners

Learning objectives of the QA certification course in QA Testing Trainings?

Software Quality Assurance is not the same a Quality Control (QC). This is the first step we focus on,
especially for the beginners. While the SQA focuses on the processes and their improvement, the SQC
deals with the products being developed. Although both the processes are equally important for high-
quality delivery of the product, SQA is proactive and stresses on improvement plans where SQC is a
reactive process and works on improving and maintaining the product quality.

The following are the key concepts our learners will learn during the course:

  • What is SQA and how it is different from QC
  • Understanding the different reasons for SQA failures and the factors that crucial for the success of SQA in IS development
  • The six integral functions that SQA team should perform
  • Various proactive methods that should be employed to review requirements and designs
  • An organized quality assurance testing plan should be developed and executed to maximize the testing efficiency and outcome. Implement Agile methodology testing plan techniques
  • Design tests in such a way that the numerous overlooked defects are spotted with greater efficiency.
  • Run risk analysis, reusable test wares, and metrics to maximize test efficiency. Measuring SQA techniques efficiency.

Mock Interviews

  • Our mock interview sessions conducted at QA Testing Trainings offers the perfect opportunity to
  • prepare, practice, and experience the real interview models.
  • Our learners get a chance to familiarize themselves with the interview environment and process
  • before attending the interviews. It can help them deliver their best in a stress-free manner.
  • Our mock interview helps our learners in gaining an edge over the others.
  • Our mock interviews are handled by our expert trainers who have years of industry experience and know the know-how of the actual interview practices in the organizations.
  • These mock sessions essentially maximize your chances of getting hired.

QA Certification course – FAQs

  1. What is the qualification of the trainer?
    All our trainers at QA Testing Trainings are certified professionals in QA testing with 5-15 years of
    industry experience. Apart from this, they also possess strong training experience which makes them
    experts in training delivery.
  2. Where can I work for practical sessions at QA Testing Trainings?
    All our learners can access our cloud-test lab for practice during the course duration.
  3. Can I get a discount on the course?
    As a practice, we offer referral discounts and group discounts on all our courses. Additionally, we
    announce extra discounts on federal holidays and holiday seasons. Watch out for our announcement on
    discounts and offers on our FB page.
  4. How does the refund policy work in QA Testing Trainings?
    We process refunds for valid requests. Please refer to our Refund Policy section for exact details.