If you are very much interested in software testing and if you are willing to learn software testing then selenium testing course is the best option that you could opt for. In today’s digital market testing has its value and importance and it is the best scope for your career. If you are an IT or computer student then this selenium testing course is the best option that you could choose. This makes you get more chances to work on live projects and also increases your knowledge and hand experience. Nowadays selenium testing training online has become more popular among the college-going students. This helps them to learn the testing course online without spending more money.

What is selenium?

First, it is important to know what selenium is. Selenium testing tool is an open-source testing tool that helps validate web applications across different browsers and platforms. It is designed in such a manner which is capable of automating the browsers with specific browsers that are built-in for automating web applications. As it is an open-source you need not pay for using it. Once you have completed the selenium testing course then you will have multiple opportunities in the field of mobile testing, big data, and API testing. And also the selenium testing engineers are paid with the higher package. Selenium software is not a single tool but a suite of software. Each piece associated with the software is used to satisfy different testing needs of an organization. Here is the list of tools,

  • Selenium integrated development environment (IDE): it is the Firefox add-on that helps you for creating simple tests.
  • Selenium remote control (RC): it becomes the first selenium tool that will allow you for programming languages and for creating some complex tools.
  • Web driver: it will allow your test scripts to communicate to the browser directly. Further, it controls the OS level.
  • Selenium grid: it helps in executing parallel testing across different browsers and several operating systems.

Benefits of selenium testing course

Some of the benefits that you get on choosing a selenium testing course are listed below.

  • Open-source tool

The Selenium tool is available for free of cost. Any company can make use of this for testing their website and some other web applications. Also, a budding programmer can learn and practice this tool efficiently. The tool is so simple that it allows even a basic programmer to learn and practice automation testing.

  • Supports different programming languages

Many tools that are available in the market support only certain programming languages but the condition is not the same with selenium testing tools. The selenium tool can support multiple languages which helps the programmers to start their career in automation testing. The Selenium tool will eliminate all the risks and it does not require any specific language for its functioning. Some of the major common languages that selenium automation testing tool will support are java, python, ruby, PHP, C# or. Net.

  • Parallel and distributed testing

The test cases of selenium can be executed either in parallel on the same machine or remote machines. The parallel and distributed testing give hands to the users in saving time while testing and executing the tests in the same machine or on web servers.

  • Save your time

Selenium is easily integrated with other open resource tools and is very easy to use in any automation testing. Also, you know multiple selenium tests can be executed in parallel on the remote machine or the same machine. This saves you time.

  • Adaptable with any tools

One of the main reasons to choose selenium is it does not need a system with 16GB RAM or high HDD. You can just have Windows, Mac or Linux OS. Most importantly you can test the website on any browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, opera etc. also it is very easy to transfer the data from your system via USB drive.

  • Flexible and simple to use

When it comes to designing, people have the flexibility to design it by programming logic or else record and playback approach. Also, they can use IDE3 to record your test instead of web driver code if people don’t have much knowledge on this. Selenium is easily integrated with resource tools and is very easy to use in any automation testing.

  • Avoid depending on GUI based system

There are many processes that you have to undergo when you need to conduct some selenium tests along with GUI. It will be carried out on the web server and the automation can be achieved by scheduling the execution with the integration of devices. Without GUI also it is possible to indicate the machine performance effectively. So, avoid depending on the GUI based system.

Career opportunities

If you want to pursue your career in the web designing field then you can close your eyes and choose for the selenium testing courses. The need for selenium web testing has increased over the years and has become one of the most efficient things in many businesses. Therefore, the demand for selenium testers is going to increase exponentially in the future.

Highest paid job

The selenium developers are getting a good salary package when compared to other jobs. It is one of the best professions which pay a higher salary. The one with more experience in this field will get a high salary.

Selenium testing interview questions

Some of the basic selenium testing interview questions are what is selenium? Who developed the tool and why? What is the set of tools available in selenium? Etc.

Future scope

If you are ready to dive deep in the field of selenium testing then the best choice is to learn the selenium testing course. Nowadays most of the companies hire selenium testers and the job opportunities increase day by day.

The bottom line

Thus, these are the major important points for why you need to choose the selenium testing course. So take the best selenium training online to obtain a vast knowledge and experience the hands-on training. Make use of the opportunity available and excel in your career.