Selenium testing is one of the portable frameworks to test web applications. It is a playback tool to authorize functional tests without the need of test scripting language. The test can run against the modern web browsers. Selenium testing runs on Windows, mac and Linux OS where it is one of the tools for automatic testing. Selenium is one of the automation testing tools that is loved by the developers and testers across the globe.

What is Selenium?

Before we know the reasons to learn the selenium, let you understand what selenium is and why it is used. It is an open-source selenium automation testing tool used for automatic tests that are carried out on different web-browsers. It is used to control the browser action and increase the efficiency of repetitive testing.

Selenium is not an individual tool which consists of a software host. Selenium has four different tools:

  1. Selenium RC
  2. Selenium IDE(Selenium Integrated Development Environment)
  3. Selenium Grid
  4. Selenium WebDriver

Online course:

The online selenium course has gained more popularity and acceptance as it enables working professionals to attend the course without leaving their job. The selenium testing training will help you to learn the subject without the help of a third person. In online class the doubts can be easily cleared by the selenium experts with the help of the chat facility.

Project training during course:

Selenium live project training is a part of selenium training course and it has a great significance. Selenium live project training videos will be provided to you as a guideline for your project. You can keep the video as a referral book for your future use.

During project training the teams will be formed and the task is provided to each team. To do the project the interaction between team members is necessary. Where it builds inter-team communication and helps the fresher’s to get familiarized with the teamwork atmosphere.

How an online course is helpful for your career?

Learning selenium testing training online helps the students to work with many experts as teamwork in selenium. It helps to build new contacts and help you in future while searching for better job opportunities. While working with live projects as a part of your career, you may come across with many problems and issues. By solving the problems and issues with the help of the experts will give you a better idea about the selenium technology and how to work with live projects.

The trainees who took part in the project can get the experience certificate and it can be added to your resume. The selenium certification training helps you to get better jobs.

Switch your career to selenium automation tester:

Software testing provides a quality product without any bugs or issues. It ensures the specific requirement generates the target results by identifying bugs in the software product. A software tester will always need a highly developed analytic skill. The analytic skills help to solve the complicated problems into smaller units and generate test cases.

The test automation tools need professionals to write scripts using a particular programming language. Therefore, testers are required to learn these languages to write scripts. Selenium is a web application tool that uses a GUI driving library. Choosing selenium for wrapping test scripts helps developers to integrate features and to deliver a more vibrant and flawless user experience.

Online course improves the technical skills for your career:

Automation tool experience: The online selenium testing course helps you to grasp easily and it tends to have significant hands-on experience.

SQL Knowledge: To facilitate data validation, it is essential to process database knowledge such as Oracle and MySQL. There is a massive amount of data stored in the software systems backyard. So SQL is used to verify the appropriate data stored in the specific backend database.

Basics of Linux commands: For career success, a sound knowledge of Linux commands is essential for testers. It is because of applications such as Databases, Web-services and applications servers.

Knowledge of Scripting Language: A scripting languages like C#, VB Script, JavaScript is essential for someone who is looking for a testing job.

Test Management Tool: The test management tools and techniques are essential for testing and pertain to the management of testing artifacts. Where the success of a software process entirely depends upon the appropriate test management techniques.

Integration Friendly:

The selenium testing is compatible with numerous tools that enable a range of functions such as source code management, test case development, continuous integration, tracking and reporting tests executed, and so on. The test automations tool to be customized to fit exactly for your Application Under Test (AUI) and organization needs.

It is versatile, accessible and easy to use for test automation calls for strategic planning and execution. The selenium testing helps you to achieve the goal in a shorter time to market with high confidence.

Career in selenium automation testing:

Exponential growths of selenium testing continuously change the test automation in a shorter time period. Selenium is more convenient for functional testing from development beginning. It helps clients to receive Return On Investment faster by reducing the number of cycles involved in testing. The online selenium testing course provides you sufficient knowledge. You should have sufficient domain knowledge as an automation test engineer on the particular application that you are automating.

The selenium testing is shooting up massive demand among the automation tools. Where the companies are increasingly making use of web applications, a lot of vendor tool providers are supporting the use of selenium technology and using it to automate web application testing.

Final verdict:

As there is a huge demand for selenium experts today, there was a rush for a selenium training course. Selenium testing course provides you a bright future and can find highly exciting opportunities in the fields of Big Data, Mobile testing, and API testing. A sound knowledge of the technical skills is required for software testing for their testing career success. You should always go with the trainers who provide the selenium certification training that helps you to get better chances of a job.