Selenium Training Online


Selenium Training Certification Course:   

At QA Testing Trainings, we help you master one of the most sought-after automation testing courses of today. Our curriculum includes all the components of the Selenium Suite – Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, and WebDriver. Our training delivery is done through projects and use-cases.    

Additionally, our Selenium course curriculum enables our learners to gear up for the Certified Selenium Professional certification which in turn can prove to be a passport for climbing the success ladder and achieving the high-paying jobs.    

As a part of our training, our leaners will be exposed to real-world scenarios and use cases where they can develop hands-on experience in gaining expertise in using the tool. Our course essentially helps our learners in putting their careers on fast-track effortlessly.  

Nevertheless, Selenium certification from QA Testing Trainings will be awarded to all our learners that can fetch you, the recognition, visibility, and career growth on a global level.   

What will one learn in this Selenium online training course?   

Our Selenium online course is in tandem with the other top online courses in terms of curriculum, training delivery, labs, ambiance, etc. That said, our Selenium course curriculum is developed by our trainers who have years of industry experience and knowledge to include all the essential concepts that required to take up on-job challenges.  

Listed below are our learning outcomes by the end of the course;   

  • Introduction to Selenium Suite and its components   
  • Advantages of using Selenium automation testing   
  • Deployment of Selenium IDE and learning different commands   
  • Installing and running tests with JUnit and TestNG Plugins in Eclipse   
  • Understanding Object Repository and Maven   
  • Introduction to WebDriver   
  • Gaining knowledge on WebDriver programs such as TextBox, CheckBox, and multiple windows.   
  • Learning how to use Selenium Grid for software testing.   

Why should you take up Selenium training online?   

  • According to a NASSCOM study, the Selenium market is likely to reach $50 billion by 2024.   
  • Selenium tool is the automation testing tool that offers support to the maximum number of browsers.   
  • A Selenium Tester has a greater earning potential than any other automation testers.   

Testing the software is an unending process in the software development world as the organizations thrive on quality. Our Selenium online course can help our learners grow rapidly in their careers.   

Who Should take up the Selenium training course?   

  • Software Developers  
  • Software Testers  
  • SQA professionals  
  • System Analysts  
  • System Administrators  
  • Business Intelligence and ETL Professionals  

What are the prerequisites for enrolling for Selenium online course?   

It is good to have programming language knowledge, especially Java. However, it is not mandatory for taking up the Selenium training automation course.  

Why choose QA Testing Trainings for Selenium online course?  

As already mentioned in the earlier sections, QA Testing Trainings is in par with the other top training providers of Selenium testing. Through our Selenium automation online program, our learners will be fully proficient in all the concepts of Selenium suite from the installation of JUnit, Sikuli, and TestNG Plugin in Eclipse to gaining enough knowledge to clearing the Certified Selenium Professional certification.  

All our learners will be put on real-time projects and intermittent assignments which has high relevance to the on-job requirements. On the course completion, the learners can either choose to apply for the top MNCs or they can opt to appear for the Certified Selenium Professional certification exam.   

All our learners will get lifetime access to all the learning videos uploaded in the LMS, access to cloud test lab during the course for practice, resume building sessions after the course completion, mentoring sessions as a part of interview preparation, mock interviews, and job placement assistance.  


  1. Does the job assistance program at QA Testing Training offer me a job guarantee?  

Our Selenium course is a job-oriented program as it can help you develop not just your skills in Selenium tool, but also helps you in gearing up for all the interview lined-up for you by us. Additionally, as we are tied up with various companies, our recruiting team can handle circulating your resume in our requirement pool. However, further from this step, is the individual’s performance and proficiency in the concepts that can get your placed.  

  1. Can I request additional sessions for a better understanding of the topic?  

QA Testing Training offers 24 * 7 support to all our learners. We support email support if it is something that can be resolved through email. Else, if the query is not resolved we can arrange a one to one session with our trainers for additional support.  

  1. Does QA Testing Trainings offer job placement assistance?  

QA Testing Trainings offers active job placement assistance to all the learners after the course completion. That said, we are tied up with numerous companies from around the world. Hence, we can provide job placement assistance in such amazing companies by forwarding your resume to them. Additionally, we also provide resume building sessions, mock interviews, and mentoring programs to amplify your interview success.