Selenium training is useful and informative in aspects to jobs. The Selenium training certification course gives you an in depth knowledge of Local Techniques, Design Patterns, mobile testing as well as Selenium Grid. By opting and selecting our services you can get your Selenium Certification online. The Selenium training course is extensive and quite helpful for different kinds of industries which are associated with the automobile industry, ecommerce as well as any information driven industry.

Our Selenium Certification course does assure and promise you that by preparing for your Selenium Certification course you will clear your examinations in the first attempt along with flying colours.

What benefits will you receive by obtaining a Selenium Certificate?

By a rapid spread of web testing and use of web components, a Selenium Certificate holds a lot of value in the market. Some examples of web components like Google Chrome, Firefox as well as Edge blocking IP.

Relying on several studies, there has been a spike in job opportunities and job seekers who possess Selenium skills. These positions are not only available in abundance but are also very high paying. According to the job sites these jobs pay more than 90 lakhs per year.

We are sure when you opt for our Selenium Certification Courses you will have plenty of questions.

What does the Selenium Certification Training focus on?

Selenium Certification Training has been intended to support designers and manual analyzers, figure out how to better web applications with a powerful system, and coordinate it inside the DevOps cycles of an association. A ton of genuine models and circumstances to show how to utilize Selenium WebDriver is clearly shown in this Selenium Certification course.

The things our students learn when they opt for Selenium Certification Training.

What are the things you will be able to do once you learn Selenium?

The way our course is designed it ensures you nothing but success in your career and your future. Once you successfully finish this course you will be able to :

1. Have a clear understanding of Selenium WebDriver.

2. You will be able to handle multiple operations as well as identify with various web locating elements

3. In regards to Parallel testing, it will help you create web browsers for it.

4. It will help you understand different kinds of Frameworks in the automated industry.

5. You will be able to use and manage Robot Class actions on any web application.

6. It will help you utilize Page Factory with Page Object Model (POM) Design Pattern for web applications.

In which ways does a Selenium Certification help you in your career?

In terms of Career, the Selenium Certification training will help your career in following ways:

Companies these days are looking for cost efficient services and products. Such automated testing tools open sourced and helps them to cut down the costs for it. The industry is rapidly shifting towards automation due to these reasons. What you do when you opt for Selenium Certification Course, you make yourself a favourable candidate to operate one of these automated testing tools. Out of all the testing tools that are available, Selenium is one of them that ensures excellent performance and executes tasks at a great speed. When you opt for Selenium as a company you not only save time as it is one of the fastest operating tools there is you also save costs. It is truly faster than any other automation tools. It has the power to use any language to test scripts and has several modes available to execute unattended testing. These features are not the only main features that Selenium is so popular amongst automated tools.  It has the ability to support various programming languages such as Pearl, Python , Ruby, .NET, Java and C#.

Automated tool marketing is a highly developing and largely grossing market. There are excellent growing opportunities for IT professionals who analyse and develop software. IT professionals who test software and work as system administrators highly benefit from the Selenium Certification training.

What knowledge should you possess to learn Selenium?

To attain a Selenium certification, one must have basic knowledge of programming.

Our courses are highly inclusive as they cater to the needs of those who may not have a high level of knowledge in regards to programming. They are designed in ways that they cater to the needs of all students and no student feels left out. The classes initially focus on Java which is a very helpful gateway to Selenium.  

What will you learn in the Projects assigned and how it will help you in the future?

As you learn and study Selenium, to increase the utilisation of the tool and help you understand job prospects even better, students will be assigned projects which will implement practical strength during the classes.

The kind of projects that individuals will be doing will entail working with E-commerce. This will teach students how to create frameworks of the individual frameworks from the beginning. These kinds of projects will be a part of the real business scenarios that go down on a day to day basis. Experience is the key factor to any sort of hiring that takes place. Testing will be done on Page Object Models, Apache POI, Maven, Jenkins and TestNG. For example if you are part of an ecommerce project, this course will teach you how to create a responsive as well as dynamic Java based web application. It will also teach you how to test various kinds of technologies such as Hybernate, Docker, Jmeter etc.

The curriculum covers a comprehensive number of testing tools, over 10 automated testing tools as well as technologies which will make you a desirable candidate as an Automated Testing Engineer. These projects will further help you understand computer science concepts to the core from several leading experts from the respective industries to ensure relevant experience in the industry. It will give you opportunities to help build applications from start to finish and test out its features.