Selenium is a framework which is favoured by all the popular IT companies, it is portable and helps out testing web applications. It is not only favourable but it is also one of the most sought after skills in the Industry.  It is an open source tool in the sense you do not need to learn other test languages. The reason why it is so sought after as well is because there is no licensing cost involved. The test scripts that Selenium include programming languages: Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl & .Net. When you sign up for our course in Selenium Training, you learn how to thoroughly use Selenium, a highly sought after framework used by the best IT companies and allows you to be a candidate for these companies. By joining you will learn Selenium training online. When you learn Selenium training online you don’t have to look up for Selenium training near me. By dividing the course into different modules, each module highlights different parts of learning making it easier to understand the concept and making it more fun. 

Why should you learn Selenium today?

When you learn Selenium, Selenium training allows you to learn the complete selenium programme. Selenium is developed for manual testers developers and you learn how to automate web applications. When you finish your Selenium training, you realise it opens you to more job opportunities than any other work fields. As soon as you receive your certification, you are directly applicable for a high paying job and directly after that your salary just takes a hike. It is also an easy software to use.

An automated engineer starts at a minimum salary of 6 lakhs. Several high profile companies like Chrome, Mozrilla, Facebook and Microsoft are always on the look out for Automated Engineers in the IT field with amazing benefits. According to the research done in the job sector, it is considered to be one of the most sought after jobs..

What will you learn from our Selenium Training course online?

You will learn the following things:

1. You will learn the advantages of the Selenium testing.

2. Selenium RC

3. Maven and Object Repository

4.Selenium WebDriver will be introduced

5. You will also be introduced to Textbox and Checkbox

6. You will learn about different web programmes of multiple Windows.

7. Software testing by using Selenium Grid.

8. You will understand the evolution of Selenium better

9. Configure Selenium

10. Understand DeVop and the role Selenium plays in it.

11. You will learn Functional testing as well as regression testing

12.  You will learn the difference between Selenium and other tools.

13. Run different tests in Selenium Web drivers.

What are the components of Selenium Training?

 When you think about Selenium training, there are different components of the software. You will be mainly learning 3.

Who is best suited to learn Selenium Training?

Anyone who has interest in learning Selenium training can learn it. People who have basic knowledge of Java core have a higher advantage in this course. The person applying for this course should have at least basic knowledge of testing and automation. Professionals working in IT firms are also welcomed along with application testers who want to explore automation and pursue a career in it. QA engineers also will benefit from doing this course.

What you will learn from the projects assigned in the course?

Selenium training is an open sourced tool best fit for e-commerce businesses. Many companies hire project analysts who have excellent development and handling skills. These people test the websites for the most efficient way to expand their business. By assigning you projects by your professor they develop an atmosphere for a professional business meeting and what the client might ask out of you. These projects help you develop and test Web applications in a more efficient manner. Different e-commerce platforms have different kinds of demands which require different kinds of automation and different Selenium scripts. Not only will you learn how to go about handling several kinds of projects at once but it will also teach you how to face different kinds of challenges and how to resolve them.

When you sign up for Selenium training, you open yourself up to different opportunities along with higher-paying jobs. Selenium training helps you to not only understand Selenium but also other software that it associates itself with. Anyone who knows Java will find it fun to learn. After completing the training our students have had numerous job opportunities lined up for them. Another mentioned benefit of Selenium training is that it is open source. This means there are no additional costs. Many other third-party apps cost more than necessary increasing the budget of clients or the Automated engineer, while these apps may even cost more they are not as efficient as Selenium. Implying the Selenium grid helps you finish multiple testings at once. The real-life scenario projects will benefit you in the end and help you gain experience.